Giving thought to trying EVE-Online or Dust514?

Interested in EVE-Online?

If what you have seen here has tweaked your curiosity and you would like to try out EVE for yourself, then you can create a free extended trial account using my open invitation to the EVE-Online buddy program.

This open invitation has a 21 day duration rather then the standard 14 days.  If you need any help getting started, please feel free to get in touch!

Now, I’m going to make you an offer.  The buddy program (at the time of writing, but I don’t see the developers CCP changing this any time soon) includes a reward for the inviter.  If you subscribe following a trial period using the above invite, I will be eligible for a reward (typically game time, although it can change).

If you use my invitation code and then subscribe, get in touch with me.  I will redeem the reward and send you a pile of ISK (in-game currency) to get your career started.  Depending on the specific rewards on offer at the time, the exact amount will vary but I shall aim to make it at least two hundred million ISK.

IMPORTANT – If you subscribe using a PLEX, then I may not able to redeem a reward.  That means I will not be able to sell it and send you a share of the ISK.  This is unfortunately a quirk of CCP’s rules for the buddy program.

EVE will always need new blood, and I want to help you get started.  So get in touch!

Interested in Dust514?

As with EVE-Online, there is a program that gives out rewards for introducing new players to Dust514 – which rewards both the recruit and recruiter with extra free gear.  Just sign up by following this referral link.

Unlike in EVE, the Dust514 program will automatically give both parties in-game items as milestones are reached so you can just get on with shooting people. 😉


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