Hyperion – The other stuff

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss the Hyperion release dev blog.

New news today!  CCP Seagull has released her dev blog outlining the Hyperion release along with a few little bits of news.  There is indeed more to Hyperion than the wormhole updates, although with one possible exception I’d say they are the centre piece of the release.

But there are indeed other things.  One generating a lot of buzz is the work done on sharable overviews.  This has been on Singularity for awhile but basically means that you can share your overview settings with another player from within the client by handing them a link.  Which is a pretty cool quality of life improvement for almost everyone!

In a similar vein to the work done on wormholes, CCP apparently also found time to rework the Incursion Scout sites to make them better for small group play.  I’m not involved with Incursion running but last I heard these sites are generally ignored at the moment so hopefully CCp can do enough to open up more content options for players here.

This next part is very interesting in its implications.

A new kind of Level 4 missions
Take on a single, powerful enemy using fitting skills and combat tactics in new optional level 4 missions for frigate size ships that will be available from all security agents in Empire space. An upcoming dev blog will present the new missions.

We haven’t seen a new type of mission added to EVE in a very, very long time.  And there is a reason for that which CCP have given a few times.  The tools used to make PVE content in EVE are ancient.  Also, by all accounts terrible.  Making new PVE content for EVE is a laborious, inefficient and difficult process largely because the tools devs have available are out-dated and underwhelming.  The current Ghost sites are considered to be the pinnacle of the tools are capable of.  Which is why CCP Seagull made it a priority to build new tools and put people to work in building them in order to overcome that production bottleneck.

The feature set of Hyperion is making me wonder if CCP are now starting to use those new tools and are testing the waters with them.  If so, we can expect a steady stream of new PVE content to start filtering into releases.  This would be great, as just today I was chatting with someone at work who was bemoaning the repetition of EVE’s mission running and the ease with which he can now breeze through lvl 4’s…

The PI in null sec change is interesting.  I’m not too sure what inspired it all of a sudden but it seems sensible.  The Customs offices will likely belong to the sovereignty holders which means the rest of us either pay their tax rate or use planetary launches to smuggle stuff off-world.  Probably not a game-changer but all fair enough.

Then we get into PLEX and Aurum related thingies, sure to enrage somebody over ebil microtransactions I guess.  What will it all do to the PLEX market and is a new wave of hysteria about to ensue?  Well either way, Character Re-sculpting and Multiple Character Training will be available through the New Eden Store in tradeable item form.  As those services already exist, why not make them a bit easier?


And finally, we are getting some vintage clothing and cybernetics.  Allow me to express an unpopular opinion; I like character customisation! 😀

These items are likely to please some of the other older players who also care about their avatars.  These are updated versions of assets from the original character creator that fell by the wayside, their return will allow some players to finally re-create their original avatars if they so wish.  Me?  I have an eye on those black cybernetics.  While I liked the white versions that shipped with the Second Decade Collectors Edition, they weren’t a good fit for my characters.  Might be spending some of that free Aurum left on my account….

Oh yeah, it isn’t in the dev blog but the Nestor is getting buffed!  It is getting a 5,000m3 Ship Maintenance Array and a small sig radius reduction, increasing its support credentials.  Also the prices should come down as the drop rate of Nexus chips from rogue drones is being increased ‘dramatically’.  Will it be enough?  Time will tell.

So overall not a bad update on paper I reckon.

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