Votes and things

Good news!  I’m not dead! 😀

So I haven’t posted in five weeks, which is quite awhile.  I do have some reasons handy though, they include the World Cup, going away on holiday to a really remote part of Cornwall, the unexpected arrival of an actual British Summer, the Steam Summer Sale and… well… being lured away from EVE by other games for a bit.

There are a couple of hot topics in the EVE community lately, which are namely the apparent decline in EVE’s player activity/subscriptions and the soaring price of PLEX.  So far I’m seeing a lot of connected things going on here!  Interestingly, I feel like much of the general discussion is matching what has been in my own head for awhile quite closely.

I have also been chewing on a few thoughts about CCP, the wider gaming industry and how all of the above applies to me and I suspect many other EVE players at the moment.  Rather than shoe horn everything into one post (I did try!) I’m going to try splitting things up across a series of posts and seeing how that ends up.

In the meantime I wanted to give a shout out to the Dust514 Council of Planetary Management election which draws to a close this weekend on July 22nd.  If you are a Dust514 player, do go vote.  There is a community vote match tool to help you get started on picking candidates, like EVE’s CSM it is an STV vote where you pick a slate of up to 7 candidates.

So what’s my slate looking like?  Well going through the vote match, many candidates have at least a 70% match with my answers, and only one over 80% which is Pokey Dravon.  After a trawl through candidate threads I came up with my seven.

1. Pokey Dravon (My best vote match)

2 Iron Wolf Saber (CPM0 incumbent, seems to have done a good job)

3. Judge Rahadamanthus. (Clear history of strong community work and intent to communicate)

4. Zatara Rought (Obviously plays one hell of a lot at ‘competitive’ levels!)

5. Soraya Zel (seems to have their head screwed on and makes their points well)

6. Kevall Longstride (Dust Uni candidate, will hopefully be good for advising CCP on NPE and Corp UI)

7. Cross Atu (If he puts as much work into the CPM as he did his election thread, then he’s earned it)

Most of the candidates I crossed off I do so because I think they have unrealistic expectations of the development resources that CCP will be willing to commit to Dust given that the same team is now also working on Project Legion.  We are not going to get PVE gameplay in Dust514, sorry folks.  CPM members are going to need thick skins, plenty of patience and a realistic set of expectations going into the job else they will be quickly disappointed.  So, good luck to you all!

Next up I am going to take a look at the state of play in EVE-Online and its ongoing development.

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