New toys and rooting for the home team

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss my recent dabbling.

Time flies.  We’re nearly two weeks into June already and I haven’t talked about my monthly goals yet!  Well, I’ll make it brief.  I sucked hard last month and didn’t do any of the stuff I had planned to do!  Excuses include lingering illness (nothing serious), laziness and playing Dust514 rather than EVE.  I’m starting to achieve ‘not entirely terrible’ status in Dust these days, which surprises me.  I often finish a (public) match in the upper third for war points!

Which isn’t to say that I haven’t been undocking at all.  I have, here and there, but didn’t do the stuff I’d originally planned on.  I have had a few outings in the Astero running some exploration sites, and just after Kronos launched I managed to get in a couple of longer sessions including joining the rest of New Eden in cruising through low sec belts looking for Mordu’s Legion spawns.

I didn’t find any.  Of course, it wasn’t until later on that I realised the new spawns were added as a new entry to the overview that I needed to turn on manually…  Have I mentioned recently that I suck at EVE? 😉  Although truth be told, it probably made little difference.  Not only are the spawns apparently fairly rare, but I have my doubts that my Astero would have been up to taking one down.

While out exploring, I was reminded of the Astero’s limitations.  While an excellent little ship for running Relic and Data sites, the Astero’s offensive capabilities are quite limited when it comes to tackling most low sec combat sites.  I found that I could survive in most of them with some careful flying, but many of the larger NPC’s I needed to kill to finish a site were more than capable of tanking a flight of light drones.  When coming up against the sec-status tag drooping Clone Recruiters NPC’s in belts I found that they hit my Astero surprisingly hard and also seemed able to tank my drones damage.  Given that so many sites I find are combat sites, and that relatively few data/relic sites seem to turn up for me, I reached the conclusion that it is time to upgrade my firepower.

So I have bought myself a Stratios. Haven’t flown it yet, but its a new toy that should expand my options so long as I don’t get myself ganked with it!. 🙂

A question I am asking myself though is why I haven’t been feeling the motivation to go PVP so much lately.  I suppose time constraints is one option, being generally unwell/damned tired lately is another.  Maybe its just my general mood.  But I did hear a bit of news today that could give me a little extra focus.  The Alliance Tournament draw was effectively cancelled as only 63 teams applied for the 64 team slots.  Why is this significant you may ask?  Because one of the 63 that did apply is my very own alliance Ushra’Khan and which means that all 63 teams are now officially entered!

I am pretty sure that this is the first time ever that the Alliance Tournament has failed to fill every available team slot.  It is usually heavily over-subscribed.  My guess would be that as the cost of entry and calibre of competition has risen, fewer alliances fancy their chances of getting anywhere and decided to not compete.  The auction has been a costly process in the past with slots going for twenty PLEX or more, so maybe the currently high PLEX prices have been a factor?  That level of cost could easily have turned off those in it just for the hell of it.

I think I’ll be doing my best to help our team practice.  U’K have competed several times in the past getting as far as the quarter finals, but haven’t entered for years due to cost and most importantly lack of a willing captain.  I even FC’ed three of our matches way back in AT5 and won two of them.  We lost the third in a close run then the fourth which I didn’t FC for was a massacre.  But I did make the final call on which setup we were going to use and chose scissors to the other side’s rock.  I don’t think that I put in enough time these days to fly in the team proper but I can offer to play target practice as needed to help them prepare.  Unless of course practice makes perfect and I get all inspired….

Either way, having our horse in the race will give me a team to really root for this time around which will be nice.  In the unlikely event you find yourself in the arena against me, you should definitely assume that I am the FC and call me primary no matter how massive my tank.  I don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘bait’!

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