Do not pass Basecamp.

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss the recent CPM0 Summit.


Today I spotted this on twitter, from CPM (and former CSM) member Hans Jagerblitzen.

I at least appreciate CCP’s honesty regarding the “summit”, if not what transpired:

It links to a post by CCP Logibro commenting on the first ever CPM0 summit that took place in Iceland the day after Fanfest.  I have been eagerly awaiting some news of what went on in that summit as the Project Legion announcement has cast a long shadow indeed over Dust514’s future prospects.  They are more limited than hoped for, to say the least.  If you haven’t already, go read CCP Logibro’s post, it won’t take long.

I think Logibro must have drawn the very shortest straw in the room to be the one who had to post that.  If you are a regular reader, you will recall that I expended a considerable word count over the handling of how CCP announced Project Legion and that I consider the whole thing to have been a massive slap in the face of the player community.  The news that Dust514 was going to be replaced and moved to another platform rather than receive the promised investment was always going to be a bitter pill to swallow.  To break the news as they did was just horrendous.

I had hoped that was going to be the peak of their community miss handling for one weekend, but it appears not.  Could you imagine CCP flying the CSM out to Iceland to discuss EVE-Online and being so unprepared for their own summit that they have to issue what is essentially a Mea culpa to the community before we even see the minutes?  I would concede that the early CSM’s didn’t achieve all that much and had to establish a process, but CCP have eight CSM’s to learn from and CPM0 has been in place since Fanfest last year.

I had my suspicions that CCP Rogue’s appearance during CCP Presents, and the promises made then to continue Dust514 development, were not on CCP’s radar until they saw the community branding torches and pitchforks following the Dust514 keynote.  This statement today seems to bear that out.  Not only did CCP go to Fanfest with nothing to show for Dust514 itself, they also went into the CPM summit with nothing to show there either.

At this point, I think CCP Shanghai has bet the farm on the Project Legion prototype and put everything they had into it but what we have already seen released in Uprising 1.8.  I’m not sure they really have much of a plan right now other than to wait on CCP management to say yes or no to developing Legion.  If they do, it doesn’t sound like they spent much time talking to the CPM about it.

A thought I have been nursing since Fanfest is still lurking in my head, and I’m still on the fence about it.  I am giving serious thought to running for CPM1.  I have no idea what my chances of actually being elected might be, but I’m thinking about it.  I think watching CCP drop the community ball so hard has actually been a motivator in that regard, I want to see both them and Dust/Legion do better and I don’t want to see the epic vision that started it all off wither and die.  It looks like the one thing coming out of that summit will be an election.  I just need to decide if I want to commit to a year of pushing through stuff like this.

What do you think people, what do you want from a CPM?

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2 Responses to Do not pass Basecamp.

  1. Arjuna says:

    Like EVE, there are 2 ways to get into the CPM.

    1. Have a large voting block behind you. Join a large alliance and convince them to vote for you.
    2. Get to be known by a large part of the community as a character that makes useful contributions to the community or that has the community well being as a first priority.

    1 is easier if you know the right people. 2 requires more work, but leaves you free to follow your own agenda. I enjoy reading your blog, but honestly, I don’t think you are still unknown to a large part of the community at the moment, so unless you have already a large group backing you, I would aim for CPM-2 while you make yourself better known.

    On the other hand, the current candidates for CPM-1 are not particularly impressive, so you might have a chance.

    Just my 2 cents, good luck whatever you decide.

    • Ugleb says:

      I would not argue against any of that as it is all quite true. The one outlier is that the Dust community is small and that voter turn out will likely be low in comparison to eve CSM elections. In the that sense, it will be much more a matter of every vote counting.

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