Accidental success

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss how I nearly got myself killed by doing nothing much.

Over the Fanfest weekend I finally got around to hooking my old spare monitor up to me PC for dual-screen goodness.  Before moving house it had been plugged into my old PC which I occasionally ran alongside the current desktop.  The old PC was running increasingly creakily so when I moved I just put it in the corner of the room with a mind to maybe running Steam OS on it or something.

With Fanfest coming up and an intention of sitting down to watch as much of it as possible, I finally decided that I should plug the spare screen in again.  I actually held off on doing this before because in the past I ran into issues while playing some games full screen where the mouse cursor would move onto the second screen and I’d end up with the game minimising at the worst moment.  So far though, not been much of an issue.

A benefit that I have realised though is that I can spend more time logged into EVE while doing stuff like writing the blog, provided whatever I do in EVE isn’t too attention demanding or likely to result in losing my ship.  This is also important as around 9pm every night, I have to deal with this obstacle to game play:

Feline Intervention

Feline Intervention

So I have been doing a little bit of high sec mining on my alt in a Mackinaw I bought ages ago.  It isn’t very lucrative, but it is ISK for minimal effort that I wouldn’t have earned before. Exciting, no?

No? Oh.

Well it did get a bit more exciting earlier as I was subjected to a high sec gank.  I had been hanging out in a small Ore site hoovering up the leftovers (someone else got to the Jaspet) when I started hearing more sound effects than usual.  As I wasn’t paying much attention I at first assumed it was an NPC spawn.  Then I realised that a pair of gank Catalysts from The Bastards were taking a pop at me!

I switched on my second Invulnerability field II (running both constantly eventually caps me out) and gunned my mighty engines powering my way towards my lofty top speed of 100m/s.  Catch me now gankers!  Oh right, you have.  And I’m scrammed, oh noes my MWD won’t activate!  If I had one this would be a problem!

Cornered and out-gunned I did the only thing I could.  I set my T1 Warrior drones on one of them (As I said, its an alt).  It occurred to me just now as I type this that the other only thing I could have done would have been to overload my hardeners.  I refer you dear reader to the warning written on the front page of this blog that I am terrible at EVE despite nearly ten years of playing it.  Fortunately I am paranoid enough to heavily buffer tank my barge to compensate for my terrible-ness.

The gank catalysts succeeded in knocking my barge into structure before CONCORD showed up to help my drones out and earn me a kill mail on one of the attackers (I hang out in a 0.5 sec system, so response times are lower than elsewhere).  Had I been thinking a bit more at the time I probably could have whored myself a second kill mail by taking credit for CONCORD’s superior DPS and saving of my inattentive arse.

What I did do however was loot the field and probably doubled my income for the session in the process.  And I smack talked in local, just a little bit. 😉


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3 Responses to Accidental success

  1. evehermit says:

    Dual screen EVE playing can make a surprising difference to how you play the game.

  2. I’ve got a couple Concord-assisted kills, too. They are the best because you know the would-be gankers are very disappointed, AND you get a kill!

  3. Sir Prime / Bjoern says:

    Lol nice one.

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