May Goals (also, Fanfest)

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to make pledges about the coming month which I may not keep.

Umm ok, so it’s May 1st already.  That means two things, Fanfest 2014 and I’m due to check in on my personal monthly goals.  Let’s cover that first.

Last month I finally got a home internet connection back and was able to log in to EVE again for the first time in five months since moving house.  I set myself these goals:

April 2014 goals:

1. Identify a new staging system and stock it with three types of combat hull and 5 of each ship type.

2. Check out the new(ish) SoE ships and invest in either an Astero or Stratios and start running more types of low sec exploration site.

3. I am starting the month on just over 1 billion ISK in my wallet.  Finish the month with at least 500mill after the above purchases.

4. Rack up 15 kills.  Thou shalt not bear it up all the time!

Well….  I have excuses, but mostly I failed a fair bit.  Goal 1) I have started on but not completed.  I’ve done some shopping and hauling but I don’t have my PVP ships moved into my new low sec home.  I have bought a fair bit of it but it isn’t in position.

Goal 2) was completed rapidly thanks to former alliance mate Forlorn Wongraven gifting me a fully fitted Astero as a welcome back gift!  I have actually spent most of my play time in this ship prodding at exploration sites.  I need to figure out which low sec combat sites it can run in a reasonable amount of time and have had some trouble finding data/relic sites.  Either there is a lot of competition or I’ve been unlucky, I’ll keep looking.

Goal 3) has gone reasonably, I ended the month on 660mill after buying stuff and selling some PI goods. I’ll need to work on buying the rest of what I need and replenishing the coffers.

Goal 4) was a fail.  I didn’t get out to PVP at all.  I did get attacked while out in the Astero a  couple of times but as I was flying a ship with no tackle mods and one of those attackers was in a Vagabond, I bravely ran the hell away from them. 😉

I did play a fair bit of Dust514 this month, there was an increased skill point week that I tried to make the most of.  Turns out I still suck but may be improving. Slowly.  I also got distracted by a few out of game things like an effort to terraform my garden.  And my cats.  One of my cats really likes to jump up on my desk and chew things while I’m trying not to lose my ship to a guy in a Vagabond.  I really need to find better ways to focus my game efforts, but I’ve known this for some time.

So for May then.

1) Finish moving PVP ships into staging system.  I want three to five options of ships to fly and three to five fitted hulls of each.  There is a push in Ushra’Khan for people to have a battlecruiser doctrine on hand but I won’t be keeping five of those ready due to cost.

2) PVP.  Get in at least one fleet each week and shoot something!

3) Finish up the month with 750mill ISK minimum after setting up those ships.

4) Watch as much of Fanfest as possible over this weekend!  I wasn’t able to go this year but I do have two days off work so will be able to watch most of the live stream (when I’m not gardening).  Saturday will be patchy though, as I do have to be at work first thing in the morning then I’m laying turf in the garden.  Hopefully that won’t take too long and I’ll see most of the afternoon sessions, but then I have a family commitment which means I won’t see the flagship ‘CCP Presents’ keynote until the video hits Youtube. I’ll be making the most of Thursday/Friday!

Expect more blog updates to roll in over the next few days as I hammer out first impressions of the presentations over the next few days.

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