Fanfest Ship & Module balancing

I’ll keep this one quick, here are a few highlights I took away from the Ship rebalancing presentation today.

The need for further mining barge changes was deftly summed up by CCP Fozzie using this pie chart of which barges are being used most on TQ at the moment.  Add the Retriever/Mackinaw together and you get….

Fanfest 2014 Mining barge usage

So yeah, we aren’t using as wide a range of ships as CCP was hoping for. 😉

Probably the big news of the presentation was that CCP are planning to launch a ‘module tiericide’ initiative that will systematically work through modules in a similar way to the team has worked through ship rebalancing.  Their design goal is to re-work meta modules in order to make them distinct and interesting choices rather than a simple progression in power.

The example given was for a beam laser where one module would give better range, another better cap usage, a third lower fitting requirement and so on.  That to me sounds like a much more interesting system and a good reason to start hoarding meta modules as they are probably going to increase in value a year or so from now! 😉

There was a lot of talk about the already announced pirate faction rebalancing (see forums) with some updates  but the big eye candy piece was the unveiling of this year’s alliance tournament prizes.  The Guristas will be sponsoring the tournament and bringing a pair of ridiculously over-powered covert ops capable ECM/drone boats.  While cool in their way, I’m kinda disappointed that these seem to be part of that ‘half dozen new ships for summer’ announcement which means we only have four regular ships coming into the game.  Rumour has it two Tech 2 Venture variants are on the list so I’m not holding out hope for a new ship line (like the SoE ships from Rubicon) at this point.   We shall soon know I suppose!

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2 Responses to Fanfest Ship & Module balancing

  1. evehermit says:

    The change of T1 Meta level will likely require some work, but is a great idea. One of those – why wasn’t that thought of earlier type of things.

    I was also disappointed by the classification of Alliance Tournament Prize ships as regular ships. They are not, and have never been.

    Logic indicates the new T2 variant of a popular industry hull would be the Venture. There is also the Noctis (can’t see the need for a T2 version) or the Orca (which would likely be a very, very popular hull, but not available to newer pilots due to price.)

  2. Ugleb says:

    If it turns out to be just one T2 Venture then we probably will get a T2 Noctis or Orca instead. I would actually like to see a ship dedicated to carrying assembled ships around which seems like a possible role for either a T2 Orca or a new hull in the same size category. It would need a good tank on it though as it would be a tempting gank target!

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