New ships eh? Shall we speculate?

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to speculate on new ships coming in EVE’s Summer 2014 expansion.

Last night I sat down and watched the Fanfest ‘Pre-show’ stream.  It featured a bunch of stufff like interviews with the new Executive Producers for EVE Valkyrie and Dust514, as well as EVE’s new Lead Game Designer.  It was entertaining enough for a CCP-watcher like myself but nothing exceptional.

The show also included interviews with CCP Xhagen & Arrow about the industry revamp, in which they seemed to be downplaying the impact that the changes will have on ‘the mechanics of’ industry, rather that the changes would be updating how we access it.  Basically they seemed to be saying that it all boils down to a UI overhaul and tidying up of unnecessary complexities.  It certainly didn’t seem to match up with the currently released dev blogs very much!  Either the community is collectively wildly misinterpreting things or CCP is putting out a mixed message.  I can’t help but think that things are being down played a little to save big reveals for fanfest.

And that theme continued with  CCP Fozzie & Rise coming on to talk around but not really much about the features that are coming.  It is inevitable with a show like this going out just a week before the event they are plugging that CCP are going to avoid announcing very much at all that isn’t already out in the open.  But we do now know a couple of things.  CCP Rise’s team have been reworking and adding tool tips all over the client to highlight functionality, which is nice.  But the biggest piece of new information must be that new ships are coming out as part of the release.  Fozzie was surprisingly uncertain of how many ships we are talking about, but seemed to think that there would be six new ships.

Six is an interesting number.  If we were talking about new ships for the main empires (say a third destroyer hull) I would expect the number to be a multiple of four; one ship of each type for each empire.  Six makes me think that we are looking at a new set a pirate faction vessels.  There are six pirate factions with their own hulls in the game, Guristas, Sansha, Blood Raiders, Arch Angels, Serpentis and the Servant Sisters of EVE.  Each of them has a frigate, cruiser and battleship in their ship lines which means we could be getting either pirate destroyers or battlecruisers being added into the game to further flesh them out.

My other reason for this guess is we know that pirate faction ships are currently being rebalanced for summer.  It would make a lot of sense to add new hulls now as the entire ship lines can be adjusted as a set.  Of the two classes I think we are probably more likely to get pirate battlecruisers rather than destroyers as they are generally a more popular class and we recently saw the empire factions receive navy battlecruisers added to their line-ups.

Also, I think pirate BC’s could look pretty bad ass. 🙂

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4 Responses to New ships eh? Shall we speculate?

  1. evehermit says:

    A Sisters of EVE destroyer would be interesting. How about 6 new industry related hulls? It would be nice if the new hulls actually introduced a new game mechanism, instead of just being a slight variation of what is already there.

  2. Could be four racial ships + one ORE ship + its t2 variant.

  3. Sir Prime / Bjoern says:

    Well Fozzie twittered this yesterday. I have my suspicions that one set is tournament ships. One must be a t2 version where there’s just a t1 version. No idea on the third category.

    Posted: 2014.04.25 16:18 | Edited by: CCP Fozzie
    Here’s your hint:

    The ships each fall into one of three categories.

    One category will be fairly low impact for most players but still represent cool addition(s) to the game that I think many players will enjoy seeing.
    One category fill a void that we’ve wanted to cover for quite a while.
    One category provides more advanced version(s) of one of the most popular ships classes in EVE.

    • Ugleb says:

      Certainly does imply a T2 something. Tbh if it is tournament ships I’d be disappointed. I don’t consider them to be an expansion feature. Pirate BC’s might be called ‘low impact’ as they will be too pricey for most people to use much, but I would have thought they’d be released as a set which doesn’t sound the case here.

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