An evening with the poll booth

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss the CSM9 election.

Voting closes for the CSM9 elections in, oh, 27 hours from the time I write this.  If you haven’t done so already, you really should go vote.  I don’t normally leave it so late to cast my votes but, well, stuff comes up.

I have done a little trawl through the candidate summaries and picked my 14.  You don’t have to fill your ballot, but I think as the option is there why not?  I loosely sorted my selection based largely on gut instinct and a little bit of tactics.  I put Mynna near the bottom of the list as I don’t think the Goonswarm candidate really needs my vote all that much, but I do want to see them re-elected.  Anyway, here’s my slate.

CSM9 votesMike Azariah has always been a CSM favourite of mine but never had a block vote in his corner before the STV voting came in.  I haven’t regretted giving him my support last year and want to see him back on the CSM so I put him top.

Ali Aras has clearly been a hardworking member of CSM8 and comes with the credentials of being a relatively new player and female, which allows her to provide insight into niche demographics that CCP need.

Steve Ronuken gets my 3rd place as being the stand-out community tools developer among this years candidates.  We all need CCP to get good advice on the API/CREST development so our handy third party tools actually work.

The rest of the ballot fills out with mostly verterans extolling the virtues of their experience in various areas of the game.  Against my instincts I even threw in Psychotic Monk as an advocate for EVE’s ‘dark and brutal’ side.  I don;t like scamming or high sec ganking much, but I also don’t want to see high sec becoming too safe, predictable and dull.

The veteran exception in my list would be Matias Otero, founder of Brave Newbies.  While I placed Ali Aras in my top three mainly for the newbie representative bit, I added Matias as I think CCP will benefit from face time with the man behind the newbie growth phenomenon that is Brave Newbies.  There have to be lessons to learn from his experience of not only being so new to the game but having been exposed to such a broad range of it so quickly.

It has felt like a very quiet election season for CSM9 but I think that 2014 is going to be a big deal for EVE as we march ever further along CCP Seagull’s development road map and wherever it is we are being taken.  As we draw closer to Fanfest I suppose we will see more of what it is the coming year may hold for us.

If you have not yet taken the time to vote, please do take a couple of minutes to throw down a handful of nominations.  I am a believer that the CSM is relevant in the eyes of CCP, and that should make it important to you who is representing the community to develop this game of ours.

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One Response to An evening with the poll booth

  1. mikeazariah says:

    Thank you. I appreciate the endorsement/vote


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