A little catch-up

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to say ‘Hi’ and ramble a bit.

So, the obligatory gripe about my phone-line saga.  For those keeping up with the domestic drama that is moving into a new-build house then waiting for British Telecom to connect you, the long-awaited day when BT would finally do ‘the work’ came yesterday.  I got a message (on my mobile, naturally) to tell me that it hadn’t happened yet but that the temporary traffic lights have been booked with the council for a date three weeks away.

Which is weird as the last thing I was told was that the lights were booked three weeks ago for yesterday!  I had been expecting a call to tell me that due to the flooding over large chunks of the county the work would be delayed somehow (although we are entirely flood free in my town) but that threw me a bit. 😐  So I guess I’ll be back in space about a month from now.

In other news, that countdown thing happened, and naturally it wasn’t what I was expecting.  I’m glad to see that the monument is happening, Hilmar talked a little about it at Fanfest last year but it didn’t seem all that definite at the time.  It did strike me as an odd thing to run a countdown timer on but I do think it is a worthwhile project.  If you have ever been to Fanfest then you will probably agree that Reykjavik has been a very welcoming host to legions of EVE players over the years and I think that this is a nice way for EVE to give something back beyond the off-season tourism boost.  The city is littered with sculptures and artwork so this seems very appropriate to me.

I saw that the EVE Source book had a Limited Edition print run go on sale.  I had a look at it just a few hours after pre-orders opened and ther were less than 350 copies remaining of the thousand offered.  I was very tempted to grab one but can’t really afford the £70 or so plus P&P.  I’ll get the regular version for half the price later.  Somebody in CCP’s marketing department must be lamenting the decision to only run the 1,000 SE sets! 😉

It seems I have been missing out on a civil war in the Minmatar militia.  The Biohazard Corp have been steadily alienating the rest of the TLF for quite some time now with regular displays of elitist behaviour and increasingly isolationist tendencies.  I think a scraphas been brewing for months but they certainly went asking for trouble when they decided to start kicking other TLF corps off their moons for not reaching an acceptable level of contribution to the war effort.  According to Biohazard, who wanted to keep the moons to themselves, naturally.  All has not been lost though, seems there has been some fun action kicking off using a wider range of ships than you see in a typical FW fleet.

Oh yes, and I believe a few Titans got blown up since I last wrote.  Scarcely worth getting excited about really, I gather it was a rather brief affair that will soon be forgotten.  Right? 😉

Well I look forward to one day getting a decent net connection back, but until then do continue to generate stories for me to read about wistfully on my phone as I plot a triumphant return to space.  I am spending this extended time out ruminating on what to do when I get back and what I will need to shake up.  Like that tiny little corp of mine that has been shuffling along for a year now.  Really must do something about that!

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