Rubicon 1.1

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss the upcoming Rubicon 1.1 patch and to bitch about telephone companies.

In this weeks unsurprising news I can exclusively reveal that I am still without a decent internet connection and am following EVE news from afar.  But I can give you an update on my telephone woes, which I’m sure you are eagerly awaiting.

As I am waiting on BT to physically connect a phone line to my recently constructed house, the estimated completion date of Jan 20th has passed so I got a call from my actual ISP to let me know the latest.  BT now needed to set up some temporary traffic lights in order to complete the work.  To do that they needed to get permission from the Town Council.  That has now happened so BT can continue.  Hurray!  Unfortunately that isn’t happening until Feb 14th.  Meh.  The work apparently should only take a day so I’ll probably be getting a call from my ISP on or after the 15th to actually book getting me online.  So I guess I’ll be back in space around the end of next month.  *Urgh!*

So that’s my griping done, now back to the point.  Rubicon 1.1.

This is looking like quite the meaty update!  The ‘Nestor’ SoE Battleship is something of a surprise, I wasn’t expecting CCP to add another new hull quite so soon which suggests to me that it may have been somewhere in the ‘nice to have’ pile of planned features for the initial release and got pushed back a bit at some point.  I’m not too sure about the look of it to be honest, it seems a bit plain compared to the other SoE hulls at first glance.  Still, the fact that it gets a remote repping bonus is very interesting and makes it into something of a Logistics battleship along with the exploration bonus set of the Astero and Stratios.  But no Covert Ops cloak, I guess that would be a bit too awesome.  😉

It sounds like a pretty unique ship though.  It will be interesting to see if tournament teams start to pick them up for use as a more durable logistics platform that can also apply a fair bit of damage through its drones.  I wonder how many SoE mission runners just started hoarding their LP again to get a few of these things on the market ASAP?

Elsewhere, we have more Mobile Structures (what are players referring to these as in-game?  Feels like there should be a common nickname by now).  The Micro Jump Drive structure sounds fun, I like the idea of a fleet using these to bust through a bubble camped stargate, or maybe miners using them to ping-pong a hauler around a belt quickly.  It has the feel of a tool that people will get inventive with, and with a little judgement use to great effect.

The Directional Scanner Blocker made me smile.  Ages ago, during the *18 months* of Incarna development CCP Grayscale headed up an effort to lay out a 5 year roadmap for null sec development.  That fell by the wayside and never really went anywhere as Incarna came and went and CCP put everything into fixing as much of EVE’s technical debt and broken features as possible in the past 2 years or so.  During the community discussion at time there was some talk about changing the ‘space terrain’ in EVE to create tactical and strategic opportunities.  Something I suggested at the time was introducing nebulae or anomalies that would function very much like the Directional Scanner Blocker, a suggestion CCP Greyscale seemed quite interested in at the time.  So yeah, you’re welcome! 😉

And then we have the Encounter Surveillance System.  Seems this one has been a hot topic with the initial proposal drawing much heat from many players.  Which is cool as the revised version sounds pretty good to me!  I like that the ESS is providing a new activity a target for roamers and provides a downside for those ratters who just go safe and POS-up whenever a threat comes near.  The ESS will I think produce a new source of small scale conflict and chances for things to get interesting.  I also like that it is now adding a new ISK sink to the economy.  The addition of a loyalty point mechanic is great as it is giving null sec players a non-ISK reward that drains some ISK from circulation via the LP store in the process.  The whole things adds a little depth and opportunity to the PVE grind and may just result in making null sec a bit more fun.  Obviously it is no silver-bullet to null sec’s issues, but I think it will turn out as a plus for the game.

And then thar be shiny.  New capital ship wrecks, improved station rendering and effects and a redesigned Crucifier hull.  Pretty, pretty cool.  Assuming that I ever do managed to log in again, I may be busy staring at stuff for quite some time! 😀

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