Extended Shore Leave

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective as I’m still out of the game. 😐

Don’t get too excited dear reader, for this little update is for now just a little ripple in the sea of silence I have been running here for the past two months.  Because I’m still not back in the game yet.

Having successfully and otherwise smoothly bought a house, moved into it and assembled a considerable amount of flat-pack furniture (and adopted two cats, one of whom is currently tearing around the house at high speed), I am still without a proper internet connection at home.  It was meant to have been done two weeks ago but I was told at the last minute that British Telecom haven’t finished installing the network around us.  And today I was told that they are currently requesting permission from the Council to put up temporary traffic lights so they can finish the job.

All being well in a few more days I will actually be able to sort out another date with my chosen ISP for when we will actually get connected by them.  Until then I’m waiting on my ISP who are waiting on BT to do their bit.  Hopefully I’ll be able to log in to EVE again before the Winter CSM Summit minutes get posted.  😉

Speaking of which, I did see that the mythical Summer summit minutes finally made it out of CCP Dolan’s desk drawer.  As usual I read the whole thing and found it interesting, but sadly not all that actually useful as most of the information in them has either been already released or felt like it was quite likely obsolete given the length of time that has passed since the summit.  But at least they did make it out before the Winter summit took place, albeit not by much.

I am trying to stay abreast of the goings on in New Eden and around it although it isn’t all that easy with such limited internet access.  I have heard that there was a pretty massive battle in HED-GP the other day that managed to break Time Dilation’s ability to keep the server ‘working as intended’ which I imagine will be a hot topic for the CSM now in Iceland.  It will be very interesting to see how CCP respond to what must now be a very clearly underlined need to raise Tranquility’s performance bar a few more notches.

It has been a long time since the server itself was a serious bone of contention for players as TiDi did succeed in making most fights playable and at least passably ‘fair’ even if they took place in extreme slow motion.  I remember many years ago (2005 maybe?) when EVE was expanding rapidly that the server was entirely rebuilt on new hardware because the original server cluster had been completely outstripped.  Things had gotten so bad that CCP halted trial account creation and most players started to artificially limit the sizes of their gangs to no more than half a dozen players as any more than that would reduce any fight into an unplayable lag fest.

I think we were more tolerant of lag back then than players are today. 😉 I imagine that CCP will be making server performance a high priority again in the coming months as they will already recognise the need to get TQ back out in front of player demand.  As media attention around EVE Valkyrie gears up (I expect it to be center stage at Fanfest this year) that will likely bump EVE-Online’s profile a bit and bring in another wave of curious new pilots which is only going to add to the demands on the server.

Well that’s enough muttering for now, with some luck I will back properly inside a couple of weeks so I can start delving back into stuff and lose some ships.  It has been far too long…

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2 Responses to Extended Shore Leave

  1. Ugleb says:

    Sounds like a memorable one! How was the much reported upon lag for you?

    • Sir Prime / Bjoern says:

      Fairly bad in fairness but nothing like it used to be in the awful old days. It was better than D-GTMI. We went to manually unlocking targets, no brackets etc. All the old school tricks. That’s when preparation, experience and patience wins. Contrary to reports we weren’t even using drone assist. I had 3 characters there and was running ok (by which I mean no crashes/black screens everything was just terribly slow). Then loaded up another game to adjust something as both Doomsday’s were on cool down and the slow was manageable… The graphical conflict knocked the slow out and I then started struggling. We were feeding instructions in back channels though so I knew to just be very patient and what the stages to expect.

      We were being fed titbits from enemy comms and it sounded like chaos. No target calling and people just gave up.

      So even for me it was a learning experience – don’t do other things on the comp!

      Our 5 PL losses have received the news they won’t get reimbursed by CCP. 😉

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