Rubicon: Notes on patch notes

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to take a little stroll through the Rubicon patch notes.

One of the fun parts (in my opinion) of any expansion is looking through the patch notes for little things that maybe didn’t get a dev blog or the weird little fixes and tweaks that CCP throw in with barely a mention.  So here are a few of the little things that stood out for me that people might have missed.

Sounds and Music

  • 5 new music tracks have been added to low sec.

  • New jumpgate sound implementation to support new effects (activate, deactivate etc.) – players can now hear when someone enters

  • Atmosphere sounds from suns – based on type

  • Added sound for the disruption bubble

  • Added new “siege mode” sounds

Five new tracks for low sec? Nice!  I wonder, how many people play EVE with the sound on these days?  More than they used to I hope.  If ever actually fly a Dreadnought again I might find actually out what the siege mode sounds like. 😉

Graphics and FX

  • EVE Client supports rendering with DirectX 11 (though there is no graphical difference right now between DirectX 11 and DirectX 9). It is enabled by default if your GPU and OS support it, and DX11/DX9 can be toggled in the EVE Launcher settings.

  • The death sequence has been updated to include a destroyed capsule and new corpse variations.

  • The jumpgate activation distinguishes between incoming and outgoing activations.

  • All ships now have level of detail for their textures which improves the client memory useage.

  • The warp disruption bubble effects have been modernized to include distortion and color variations for each type. (Warp Disrupt Probe = Blue,  Warp Disruption Field Generator I  = Red and Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I = Green).

Updating the death sequence with ‘nice’ new corpse graphics gives us all something to look forward to next time we get podded.  That should take the sting out of it, right?  I’ll have to look out for the incoming/outgoing jump gate effects, that one might actually prove useful and clear up the eternal question; “was that gate fire friendly?”.

I’m looking forward to seeing what CCP have in store with the DX11 update.  At Fanfest 2011 CCP demoed prototype tessellation technology and a video of a Revenant flying through an asteroid belt leaving shattered rocks in its wake.  It was kinda cool so I wonder if that is what this might be.  At the time they said it would take a year to implement if they went that route.  It did look cool.

Tech III Ships

  • You can now fit subsystems in space. If modules need to be removed because of slot changes they will be placed in the cargo hold of your ship. Note that switching subsystems may temporarily reduce the CPU output and power output to zero which will result in all modules being set offline.

This is making many wormhole residents very happy.  Maybe we’ll start to see T3 pilots carrying spare fitting and a mobile depot in their cargo for mid-roam refits?

Electronic Attack Frigates have had the range bonus from Electronic Attack Frigate skill increased significantly, with their cap recharge increased, lock range increased, base speed increased, signature radius reduced and base hitpoints increased. The above changes, along with individual ship adjustments, will make Electronic Attack Frigates a much more potent electronic warfare option.

I am very much looking forward to flying EAF’s that don’t feel rubbish.  Finally.  I’m currently tempted to go hunt down FW plex farmers with an uber long range double warp scrambling Keres to screw with their warp stabs.  Throw in the warp speed changes reducing their warning times and I can see alt plex farming getting rougher in the near future.  Heehee! 😀

All Tech 2 turrets have had their skill requirements cut. They will now not require smaller turret requirements to be trained. Please refer to this Dev Blog for more details.

Shame I already trained them all.  Recently.  Hmm.

Science and Industry

The base tech one blueprint required for inventing the Absolution, Nighthawk, Sleipnir and Eos Command Ships have been updated to reflect their new hulls.

  • The Absolution is now invented from a Harbinger blueprint.
  • The Eos is now invented from Myrmidon blueprint.
  • The Nighthawk is now invented from Drake blueprint.
  • The Sleipnir is now invented from Hurricane blueprint.

Graphics and FX

  • The models of the Absolution, Nighthawk, Sleipnir and Eos Command Ships have been updated to reflect the battlecruisers that they share weapon types with.

    • The Absolution now has a Carthum Harbinger hull.

    • The Eos now has a CreoDron Myrmidon hull.

    • The Nighthawk now has a Kaalakiota Drake hull.

    • The Sleipnir now has a Boundless Creations Hurricane hull.

    I like this one, more visual variety is cool and it solves the old problem of inventing command ships where you would have a 50% chance of inventing the ship you probably didn’t want and there was much less demand for.  The only downside is that some (probably wealthy) industrialists may now have to go out and buy/research another set of BPO’s.  I think I can live with that though. 😉

Exploration & Deadspace

  • Level 1 to 3 DED sites and high-sec Anomaly sites have been added to the low-sec distribution tables. (The high-sec tables are unaffected). This is aimed at increasing income opportunities for newer players in low-sec space.

As I don’t do exploration in high sec, I’m not sure how this is going to play out tbh.  I guess it just means more stuff on my scanner but might be useful for a quick earner while flying around the FW warzone in a smaller PVP ship.  If it helps newer pilots spend more time living in low sec then its definitely a plus.

Overview and UI

  • Implants can now be plugged in without having to pause the Training queue.

  • A new button for the Compare Tool has been added as an optional button for the Neocom.

  • The maximum number of fittings that a user can save has been increased by 100. As a result characters can now save 200 fittings and corporations 300 fittings.

  • You can now align to scanned down anomolies and signitures.

I love these changes!  Great little quality of life tweaks.


  • Repaired various website issues that were affecting the displays in captain’s quarters.

I’ll be honest.  I’m not sure I know what this means!  I guess its something to do with the scrolling news feed that I think has been reporting the same headlines since 2011…

The Alliance Tournament XI prize ships can now be bought and sold on the market. (CCP wishes you the best of luck with the broker fees).

Stealth ISK sink: best ISK sink! 😀



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