November goals

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss my personal monthly goals in EVE.

As we are now already into November it is time to look back at how I measured up against my monthly goals in October.  To recap from last time:

I’m going to try again in October by setting myself these targets:

1) Get 30 kills up on the killboard.

2) Add an additional 500 million ISK to my wallet.

So that’s a second shot at last month’s PVP goal but this time I’m scaling back the ISK target.  However, I think that I’ll be spending more on buying/fitting ships to use and lose, so I will need to replace my losses and earn 500mill on top of that to achieve the goal.

3) Run three DUST514 nights for my alliance, Ushra’Khan.

In September I fell pretty damned far short of my goals so this was pretty much a second attempt.  The good news is that I did better in October, although I still fell short of the targets.

I actually did get out to do some PVP’ing during October, and didn’t do too badly.  Something I failed to take into account last month was that I was on a family holiday for the past week so had less time to get stuff done.  Still, I did go out in maybe half a dozen roams of varying lengths and although I came home empty handed on several and missed getting on more than a couple of kill mails, I did rack up 9 kills for 3 losses with an 80.67% efficiency.  I stuck with flying mostly Talwars and Firetails and it turned out well for the most part.  I need to build on just getting out there and looking for trouble more frequently but it felt good to be doing something a bit more proactive again.

ISK-wise I earned about half of my target 500mill but spent maybe half of that on various stuff so ended up adding a little over 100mill net to Ugleb’s wallet.  Again it was far off the goal but it did bring my main wallet up to just over 1 billion ISK for the first time in ages.  I will be looking to keep it topped going forwards around that level as it feels like a decent buffer given that I rarely fly anything very expensive at the moment.

Finally I did run one Dust514 night for the alliance, but found that we were having voice comms troubles which made it hard to get much going.  I’ll need to dig into that issue deeper, from what I gather relogging to an alt then back works for some people so I’ll have to play with that.  So another mixed result there!

For November, I’m going to scale to goals back a little further.  I will be moving house towards the end of the month so really I’m probably only now looking at 2-3 weeks available for me to play within this month after which I’ll have other things to do and might be without internet at home for awhile.  Hopefully that will be sorted out quickly!

For November then:

1) Get 15 kills up on the killboard.

2) Maintain one billion ISK in my main wallet.

3) Have five fitted PVP ships of 3 different hulls available in my home station (total of 15 PVP ships).

4) Try to fix my mic and run a couple more Dust514 nights for the alliance.

5) Enter the Pod & Planet fiction contest.

Objective three is something a bit different.  I think that not having enough ships ready to roll is inhibiting my ability to get out there and cause trouble.  I need a bigger toolbox to hand so I don;t need to worry so much about reshipping.  If I can achieve that and maintain my ISK reserve then I’ll be doing ok.

Objective five is purely to challenge my brain a bit and flex the role-playing muscles.  I really don’t write as much fiction as I’d like/think I should.  Honestly I’ve been struggling a bit to find inspiration this time out but will try to come up with something interesting to throw in the ring.

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