October goals

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss my personal monthly goals in EVE.

At the end of August I decided to set myself a couple of personal goals for September intended to stretch myself a bit into re-engaging more with actually playing EVE, something I haven’t been doing all that much of for awhile.

The goals I set myself were:

1) Get 30 kills up on the killboard.

2) Add 2 billion ISK to my personal wallet.

I decided to keep them simple but challenging enough that I’d have to make an effort at a range of activities to achieve.  So, how did I do?  Well….  I kinda failed, to put it simply.  The PVP side was something of a non-starter as I derailed myself early on by decided to both relocate my home system in low sec and I was immediately distracted by a tier 5 warzone push by the Minmatar militia.

In factional warfare, when one side controls many systems and begins to upgrade them, the warzone control tier rises.  What this means is that all loyalty points earned at higher tiers are earned at a faster rate.  Tier 5 is the ideal time to go earn as much LP as you can, so I went into bearing mode.  I racked up more than a million LP and started converting it into stuff to sell.  Which is when I began to hit a cash flow problem.

The faction LP stores are designed to act as an ISK sink so require that you spend ISK to convert your LP into items to sell.  Not having much liquid ISK to hand and a large pile of LP to convert made turning it over slow and ran down my wallet quickly.  I also managed to lose several Stealth Bombers in quick succession by doing dumb things like undocking in front of a war target Thrasher and getting insta-popped, or getting snagged on structures in missions.  This disrupted a couple of play sessions.

All told I managed to earn 2 billion ISK between Ugleb’s mission running/PI runs and my production alt’s low sec market dabbling, but spent a billion on materials and minor PVP purchases.  I have been using the Aura android app to keep a very rough track of my spending  but I’d say I was about half way to my goal.  Given that I suck at making ISK that wasn’t too terrible by my own low standards but still far off the goal.

The PVP side of things I totally failed to tackle and I ended the month only going out for a couple of brief solo-wanders resulting in nothing happening.  So I let myself down here and need to try much, much harder.

I’m going to try again in October by setting myself these targets:

1) Get 30 kills up on the killboard.

2) Add an additional 500 million ISK to my wallet.

So that’s a second shot at last month’s PVP goal but this time I’m scaling back the ISK target.  However, I think that I’ll be spending more on buying/fitting ships to use and lose, so I will need to replace my losses and earn 500mill on top of that to achieve the goal.

3) Run three DUST514 nights for my alliance, Ushra’Khan.

There’s a third personal goal on top.  Since Uprising 1.4 reworked the control system I have managed to play a fair bit more Dust514 this month.  I came up with the idea of running a weekly alliance event to gather our Dusties together and really want to follow up on that to foster a stronger sense of community, for myself, my corp and my alliance.

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