Setting some goals

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective.

For quite awhile now, I have been kind of drifting in EVE.  Which is a nice way of saying really not doing much.  At all.  I have hardly logged in over the past couple of weeks, let alone actually undock to go do something.

I have been aware of this, but haven’t been too sure of the specific reason.  I started at one point to think that typical though “maybe I’m just a bit burned out and need a little EVE-break” when the second thought promptly arrived “burned out from doing what exactly?”.  Hmm.

It has recently occurred to me that EVE hasn’t generated much in the way of interesting new anecdotes for me in quite a long time.   The reason why seems obvious enough – I’m doing next to nothing on a daily basis other than watch New Eden go by taking a mild interest in stuff happening to other people.

Funnily enough, the solution to this obvious problem is also obvious.  Go do stuff!  Easy, right?  But what to do?  Set out to top the alliance killboard?  Undertake an elaborate industrial undertaking?  Embark upon a grand aspirational adventure?

On second, third and possibly fourth thought, I’m going to have a crack at something a little more modest but varied.  As August is wrapping up, I’m going to set myself a pair of personal goals for September.

1) Get 30 kills up on the killboard.

2) Add 2 billion ISK to my personal wallet.

Simple enough, yes?  Achievable you think?  I don’t think either is all that ambitious, certainly there are plenty of players out there with less skill points on their characters than I have pulling in much more ISK or more kills over a typical month, but that really isn’t the point.

I want two goals that require me to be proactive in EVE but that require diversity.  I can probably get those kills if I fly enough T1 frigs about the FW warzone for 30 days, but I won’t get the ISK that way.  I am unlikely to rack up that many kills in just a couple of fleets (but could happen in one busy evening, who knows) which means I will need to get off my ass and actively go looking for trouble and people to fly with.

My recent lack of direct interaction with other players has definitely not been good for my EVE-experience.  MMO’s are meant to be about socialising and I’m simply not making the effort on that front.  Setting a modest PVP goal should help there.

The 2 billion ISK target is also a self-improvement goal.  I have never been a wealthy player, despite my long time in and around the game.  While I do have assets and all manner of stuff laying about that is worth billions, Ugleb typically only has a few hundred million ISK in his wallet at any given time.  Just buying a couple of Battleships could clean out my ISK reserve in seconds.  That needs fixing.

I think it is time for me to properly learn how to make some real ISK, go try out a few things, and go get modestly space-rich.  Well, rich enough to be able to go buy a small pile of ships and still be able to replace my clone next time someone catches my pod.  How easy will I find it to earn 2 billion ISK in 30days?  I’m not sure, I can’t remember the last time I seriously tried to sit down and generate a serious amount of ISK!  I intend to go and figure out where I can find the bacon in high/low sec & FW these days.

So, September 2013 shall be a month of self-improvement for me.  I am not looking to turn myself into a hardcore EVE player putting in ridiculous amounts of time like I may once have ‘back in the day’, life is different now.  But still, it is past time I went looking for some new anecdotes!

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