Bloody Hands on Atlanins

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective.

Atlanins III

Atlanins III

Well, I did not see that coming when I woke up this morning.  The Bloody Hands of Matar have targeted an Impetus facility at Atlanins in Gallente space.  As retaliation for the death of Karin Midular.

The timing is what surprises me most, the attack on Midular occured months ago, even her funeral and the execution of the assassin Broteau was resolved weeks ago.  I would have expected their response to be swifter if it happened at all.  To occur now and against this target was a genuine surprise.

Not to say that I can’t understand it, of course.  Their anger, the anger of so many Minmatar,  runs deep and will be slow to cool.  The killing of a Ray of Matar, even one as controversial as Midular, was an affront to us all.  I myself was present at the battle of Colelie, I can attest to that much.

I have decided to make a statement to the Intergalactic Summit, as CEO of the Jotunn Risi as that has been how I have presented myself throughout this ‘Midular crisis’.  I felt compelled to given my associations with the matter and with the ‘Hands.  Perhaps I can help in some small way to explain why this has happened, how it has all come to this.  I imagine that it will all be misunderstood or otherwise denounced, but at least I will have tried.

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