Satellite Reign

This entry is unrelated to both EVE and Dust514. 

Satellite Reign

Important news fellow gamers!  There is a new Kickstarter project up for a new game called Satellite Reign that I’m keen to see you join me in pumping your cash into.

It is intended to be a true spiritual successor to the original Syndicate and Syndicate Wars.  And the team includes veterans who made those original games.  This makes me a happy nerd. 😀

They are also pushing to get on Steam’s Greenlight too.  So, if you’re interested but don’t want to give them your cash just yet, there’s that too.

For me, Syndicate and Sundicate Wars are absolute classics, even if they are both now ancient.  That cyberpunk setting was a thing of beauty and it has been one of those bizzare mysteries that no-one has attempted to make a modern game.  Other than the abysmal and oddly unrelated shooter that some studio dropped out of the back of a van last year.  This project is long overdue and I’m feeling optimistic about the involvement of original creators with what looks to be a reasonably prototyped project on the go.

Fingers crossed for good things to come!

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