A big new hire

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to muse on CCP’s latest high profile employee.

Hmm.  Not sure what this one means yet, but CCP have announced that they have hired a ‘Senior Vice President of Product Development’.  The guy they have hired is Sean Decker who was Electronic Arts’ head of their ‘Play4Free’ group.  Which is interesting.

According to the announcement, Sean Decker has been involved with Battlefield, Mirrors Edge, Medal of Honour and Command & Conquer.  That last one I’m guessing may be to do with the F2P browser-based C7C game currently in development.  At CCP, he is going to be doing:

Decker will lead the company’s worldwide game development, overseeing the company’s studios in Reykjavik, Shanghai, Atlanta, and Newcastle.

Hmmm.  This sounds like a very important and influential position to be holding over CCP’s entire stable of games and studios.  Obviously he will coming onboard due to his experience in the F2P market with one of the industries largest publishers, but there is of course a catch.

EA are a very far cry indeed from being a popular publisher with gamers.  They have a track record of charging high prices and doing everything in their power to bleed the cash out of punters’ wallets.  Unsurprisingly then, this is going to cause a considerable amount of concern for what this all means to CCP’s future business strategy.

I hesitate to judge and condemn out of hand, but I am feeling wary about this move.  One man certainly does not set the policies or goals of a company as large as EA, so it would be unwise and unfair to start burning Jita just yet.  I guess it will be a waiting game to see where this is going and what CCP want out of it.

The part that puzzles me, however, is that last I heard CCP were looking outside of the company to replace Jon Lander as EVE’s executive producer.  This role sounds much further reaching than that.  In fact, that role is still up on the job listing page of CCP’s site.  Wonder what is going on there?

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