This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective.

Raltar unceremoniously tossed the crate lid onto the deck with a loud metallic crash and reached inside, pulling out one of the rifles and placing it down on the workbench between them.  Ugleb could tell from the dull thud as Raltar set it down that the weapon was considerably heavier than the clone trooper made it look.  The golden finish on the metal elicited an automatic frown from the capsuleer.

“Amarrian.  Why are you buying Amarrian weaponry now?  I thought you said that you were sticking with assault rifles and sub-machine guns?”

Raltar waved a hand dismissively.  “You are pre-judging as usual cousin.  I have hardly begun to explore the range of firearms I now have access to.  This is a scrambler rifle, I’ve been using it in the field for my last few sorties.  It has greater precision than the assault rifle and offers a different kind of flexibility.  Sure, you can’t match the sheer rate of fire but it has a trick or two of its own.”  He glances up from examining the rifle to see Ugleb’s expression has not shifted. “Ok, fine.  I’ll demonstrate, let’s move over to the firing range.”  He picks up the rifle and retrieves a charge from the open crate before stepping through the door to adjacent the firing range.

Ugleb follows to take up a position next to the shielded viewing window.  Raltar finishes his inspection and arming of the rifle before tapping a few buttons on the wall panel to release a target drone.  Shouldering the rifle he takes aim, tracking the drone’s movement before squeezing the trigger.  A bright golden beam lights up the room before striking the drone.  The sudden glare stings Ugleb’s eyes although Raltar hardly seemed to notice, even without his helmet on.  The drone’s shields flicker from the impact but remains otherwise undamaged.  A second shot punches through the shield and scorches its armour before a third hit finally punches through to its innards and the gutted device drops to the deck.

Ugleb sighs.  “So.  Its gaudy, makes a big flash but takes three direct hits to drop a drone.  I’m not seeing what you find so impressive, your assault rifle could have dropped it at least that fast.”

Raltar nodded and smiled, leaning over to the control panel and releasing a second drone.  “True enough.  But that was just the regular semi-auto mode.  Scrambler rifles can also do this.”  He brings the rifle back up to his shoulder and depresses the trigger, this time keeping it held down.  There is an audible hum, rising in intensity as the heat exchangers along the side of the rifle begin to glow.  The energy build up is palpable, as the exchangers glow brighter and brighter, the humming gets ever louder.  Just as Ugleb thinks the rifle might be about to explode Raltar releases the trigger unleashing a beam of searing intensity that leaps across the room to strike the drone dead centre.  It instantly explodes showering the end of the firing range in white hot shrapnel.

Raltar just grins through the glass at Ugleb, who had involuntarily taken a step back and shielded his eyes from the spectacle.  “And that, cousin, is why I have a few dozen more of these things on order”.

Ugleb left the armoury to the sound of Raltar putting an angle grinder to work among a shower of sparks as he proceeded to obliterate the Amarrian emblem once proudly emblazoned on the side of each rifle.

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