Presenting Dust514

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to talk about the latest Dust514 trailer.

So, a new trailer is out.  There are two things that struck me about this one so I thought I’d talk about it briefly.  First up, I don’t think that that this is CCP’s slickest work.  It doesn’t pull off any nifty camera work or really go for the ‘wow’ factor, unlike the Origins trailer premièred at Fanfest:

So yeah, this new one isn’t so slick by comparison.  In fact, most of the fancier shots featured are recycled footage from previous trailers, so this was probably done on the cheap.  The thing is, I’m fine with that.

I think this new trailer is actually the message that CCP need to put out about Dust514.  They need to highlight the game mechanics that set it apart from the herd of other FPS titles out there.  I regard Dust as a competitive product, but I would hesitate to call it a market leader in terms of polish or accessibility.  In fact, as I have said previously, my first impressions were underscored by confusion at first as the game doesn’t do very much to introduce new players to its quirks.

That is what I think CCP have tried to tackle here and it is very good to see them tackling that angle.  This might not be the shiniest of video’s, but it is pretty good functionally.  I hope that they follow this up with other videos showcasing different aspects of the game such as planetary conquest or the factional warfare connections.

The depth of the EVE universe is most certainly Dust’s competitive edge, that really needs to be tapped into and explained to the uninitiated more than it has been.

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2 Responses to Presenting Dust514

  1. Serpentine Logic says:

    It’s way more direct than CCP’s usual fare, but it also gets its point across better.

    The call to action at the end was a bit pushy, though.

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