True stories – upvote time!

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to talk about my entries into the True Stories competition.

Voting has started for the True Stories competition so that makes it time to talk about what I submitted.  There was one story that I felt really had to be told, and that is the tale of Unity Station.  Or at least, part of it.  Unity Station was the Ushra’Khan’s home in Providence and the second station ever constructed there.  We fought a big assed war against CVA for it which has gone down in history for those of us old enough to remember it as one of those defining ‘I was there’ moments of our EVE careers.

A huge amount of stuff happened to, around and because of our building Unity Station, the thing was a total drama magnet for many years.  I only had space to talk about one chapter of its history so I expended the entire character limit talking about fighting CVA for possession of it and how those events shaped Providence for years to come.  I’d appreciate a few upvotes to see this chapter of EVE’s history formally recognised.

The other story I submitted is you might be relieved to hear much more concise. 😉  It is also a much more obscure event.  It is about a PIE Inc. starbase facility that was known as Port Redemption.  I chose to talk about this as it was a player run story that was embraced by other players and took on a life of its own.  It is a wonderful example of players role playing without CCP or any out of character discussions going on behind the scenes, all playing out in game with stuff exploding as a consequence.  To me this is how EVE’s RP scene can and should work, so please take a moment to enjoy this little anecdote of player content.

Hope you like them!

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