Sunset over Colelie

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective to discuss the live event that happend tonight in Colelie, following the news of Karin Midular’s death.

What a night.  What a sad, bloody night.  A night of sacrifice, of nobility, of death and… who knows what more?  This shall be a day by which many judge me, and I think many shall not be kind in their assessments.  But they do not understand.  Perhaps they never will.

Midular is dead.  There was a time I might have exulted at the thought, yes, I think there was a time I would.  I do not fear admitting that.  Time has dulled that contempt I once hold for her name, but don’t mistake me, I never did forgive her for what she did to us.  To Muritor.  I just stopped hating her for it.  I suppose it makes little difference, I shed no tears for the woman now that she is gone.

Her shooting stirred up memories in the mud.  I decided when I first heard the news to hold my tongue.  I could not bring myself to forgive, but neither did I need to glory in her troubles.  It would have been disrespectful, and tasteless.  Her exalted position as a Ray of Matar I can and do respect, despite my views on her failings as a leader.

But her passing had to be marked.  We put a bounty on her once, Maggot, the Ushra’Khan and I.  “One ISK For Midular!” we shouted!  “One ISK her worth, rounded up!”.  It was quite the controversy, of course.  How it divided the Minmatar Capsuleers, we the ‘radicals’ against the ‘Midularist’ centre.  I don’t regret the decision, not all.  Something had to be done.

As symbolic as I always felt that singular ISK was, I find myself feeling now that I owe a debt.  Can we truly uphold our values as a people if we permit this injustice to go unpunished?  The Gallente do not understand us.  Oh they may think that they do, but they don’t.  They undervalue the need of our people.  They overlook our culture and our heritage.  They deny us our right to balance the scales.  A Ray of Matar has been taken from us, that we cannot ignore.

When I heard that the Republic Fleet was mounting a task force to address this very purpose, I knew I had to respond.  I took my Hurricane, Erada One, and met their fleet in Colelie.  I gathered a small group of like minded pilots around me and we joined them, together, in our demand that the Gallente heed our call.


They met us, of course.  Naglfar’s facing down an equal number of Moros.  A small handful of we Minmatar and a swarm of FCORD’s ‘peacekeepers’  locking up the bold Republic Fleet.  The Fleet called again for extradition, the Navy in turn called for us to stand down.  I held my tongue.  I knew that my brothers could and would not  stand down, and I stood by them.  The Gallente refused time and again to hear our call until finally my brothers took the great plunge and showed the depth of their commitment.  To their eternal credit, it was absolute.  Their auto cannons lit up the darkness, so I added mine to their call and let fly my voice in their support.


It was not a battle we were likely to win, Gallente blasters are formidable at that range and the Capsuleer numbers in their support was simply too great.  Battles between Capital ships are seldom over quickly, but in time each Naglfar was to fall, along with half of the Gallente Navy complement.  I turned to my Capsuleer brothers and told them that I would not leave the field by choice, they understood and, to their credit, stayed with me until the end.

Finally, after the last Naglfar had fallen, CONCORD arrived and attempted to disperse us.  They issued their usual warning.


It would have been easy enough to do as they said and left the field.  I could have flown away from that battlefield at any moment, I was only aggressed towards the Gallente Navy dreadnaughts after all.  I could have ended it there and left with my ship.  I could have walked away from the tragic wreckage of those Republic vessels.  Instead I chose to honour the sacrifice of my kin.  I disabled the safety switches of my firing control and resumed fire.  The response of the FCORD assembled fleet was immediate.

And so my last incarnation joined my comrades in an honourable end and that moment of history was written in the only way it could be.  This was neither a victory, nor a defeat.  It was an act of necessity and a tragedy that this is what it all had to come to.

And then, I returned my attention to that debt of so many years.  ‘One ISK for Midular’, as we said.  I am going to pay that bounty as soon as I discover who pulled that trigger.  They shall have that one symbolic ISK.  And then they shall have a bounty of their own, and perhaps we shall all have justice.  They shall fund that symbolism can weigh heavily indeed.  And that I can wait many years to see the scales balanced.

Perhaps you will understand, although I know that many will not.

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