EVE-Dust Link 2nd Iteration

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss the EVE-Dust link and its evolution in Dust514: Uprising.

Dust514 Fleet view

As announced, CCP will be releasing the next major build of Dust514, named Uprising,  on May 6th.  The day of EVE’s 10th anniversary.  I haven’t seen al that much coverage of the news around the blogosphere so I thought I’d highlight the EVE-relevant part.

Uprising will include the first iteration of Planetary Conquest.  The Dusties will soon be able to start conquering and exploiting planetary districts for themselves, and perhaps more importantly, for the benefit of Capsuleers too.

A month ago CCp published this Dust514 dev blog which outlines the basic mechanics for taking control and upgrading districts.  It boils down to Dust514’s conflicts being all about managing your supply of clone bodies.  Each district will produce a set number of clone bodies per day which can be used in battle or sold for profit.  Upgrading gives benefits like increased production speed, greater storage capacity or the ability to move clones around more efficiently (looks like a certain percentage will spoil in transit or something).

In order to capture a district a corp/alliance commits a quantity of clone bodies to an attack and fight it out until one side runs out of spare bodies.  Attackers will likely need to launch multiple successive attacks to deplete the defender’s stock of bodies, as there is a fixed cap on how many clones can be committed to a battle.  I suppose the idea is to prevent matches from dragging on for hours while allowing the defenders time to react.

So in a nutshell, for Dusties controlling districts means that they have a renewable source of clones for battles and possibly an income stream from selling their spares on top of that.  But what about we Capsuleers?  Well that is where the more recent follow-up blog comes in:

EVE bonuses for owning districts:

Since this information only exists in random posts around the forums and a video I wanted to get it in a more central and verifiable location.

There will be three EVE bonuses, one for each SI. The bonuses will be as follows:

  • A bonus to the manufacturing time of Player Owned Starbase (POS) around that planet.
  • A bonus to the fuel consumption of POS around that planet.
  • A bonus to Planetary Interaction (PI) output on that planet.

We are not at this point ready to disclose which SI these bonuses are attached to, their exact percentages, or how the stacking of them will work.

We can say that the bonuses will apply to all members of your corporation and the other corporations in your alliance. As in yes, these are alliance wide bonuses. 🙂

‘SI’ refers to ‘Surface Infrastructure’, one of the three possible upgrade options available to each district.  Each district can only have one upgrade, but there are 5-24 districts per temperate planet so each planet can be home to any combination of SI upgrades.

From these two blogs, it looks like the Uprising release is opening up low sec planets for player ownership, which means that manufacturing POS in low sec are going to become cheaper to fuel and be able to manufacture at an accelerated rate.  How big a deal is that?  I’m really not sure to be honest.  In my own recent experience it isn’t hard to find free manufacturing slots in low sec right now (at least where I’m living!) so I don’t see this as much of an incentive to move operations out from the relative safety of an indestructible NPC station.  If there were a bonus to POS lab arrays and invention however…I could see a lot of industrialists getting excited about that.

Still, the PI production bonus will likely be seen as worth having for those invested in it, but I suppose we’ll have to wait for the numbers.  Regardless, it is nice to see the significance of the EVE-Dust link deepening and becoming more tangible.  I imagine CCP will have more to say about this at Fanfest which is now barely a week away!


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One Response to EVE-Dust Link 2nd Iteration

  1. Aurelius says:

    i would love to see a destrict map on a planet….
    are there any screens? am i missing something right now?
    when i lived for a year in a wormhole i learned to love the PI element.
    everything that you can make on the planet to influence the market, your account or whatever is just amazing to me.
    im pausing EVE atm and i check dust every 8 weeks or so but im eager to see the developing process of the EVE-Dust link.

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