Blockades of Luminaire

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective to discuss the battle of Caldari Prime live event.

Caldari Prime Crash

Caldari Prime.  It wouldn’t normally feel like my business to be involved, but somehow I felt drawn as if it would have been wrong not to go.  It was a remarkable incident, one where the Empyrean War overflowed into the core worlds of New Eden.  CONCORD was openly defied as empires clashed in direct conflict.  It was inevitable that the result be disaster for someone.  Maybe even for everyone.

I am not often concerned with the affairs of the Gallente nor the Caldari, their politics are their own and their relevance usually distant from mine.  It is the Minmatar cause that concerns me, so some might wonder what drew me to help defend the Federation’s interests that day.  The Caldari titan Shiigeru has long held watch over Caldari Prime and has acted as a deterrent against Federation reprisals by holding a gun to the captive Gallentean populace still present on Caldari Prime.  It was only the threat of brutal orbital bombardment that kept the Federation at bay this long.  The only reason that had changed was because of the deteriorating situation on the surface caused the Caldari to temporarily lose all contact with the ground and their pinpoint targeting telemetry.  It was then a gamble on the part of the Federation forces that the Shiigeru would not resort to indiscriminate bombardment, I suppose.

As disturbing as that may have been, it still does not relate to my own agenda, so you may still wonder why I chose to make it so.  My actions are the Jotunn Risi’s actions, why cast this fledgling movement’s lot in now?  It is simple enough really.  There is a substantial population of Minmatar immigrants living within the Federation, across many Federation worlds.  The presence of the Shiigeru, with its standing orders to bombard civilian targets if necessary, therefore presented a lingering threat to my own people.  Had the Gallente Navy failed to neutralise the threat, then Heth’s forces may well have made good on his threat.  I could not in good conscience have allowed that, and that is why I went.

I arrived in Pettnick around the time that a DED Covert Ops Battleship was shot down by the Caldari Navy and shortly before the capital ships moved in to engage.  The battle had not even begun yet and I discovered that CONCORD’s travel advisory protocol was already disrupting gate transit into Luminaire, I suppose either in a desperate attempt to contain the situation or due to pressure on the gate network.  I doubt that CONCORD would rush to clarify which it was…

Instead, I decided to take up position on the Luminaire gate in Pettnick and intercept the enemy’s reinforcements on their way in or out of Luminaire.  That turned out well, as I racked up over a dozen kills on hostile militia pilots as the main battle raged, along with several pods.  It turned out to be an effective action after all, maybe half of those I intercepted were 24th Imperial Crusade attempting to support their allies.

I heard reports of hundreds if not thousands of clone trooper mercs fighting intensive battles across the surface of Caldari Prime as maybe two thousands Capsuleers engaged each other across Luminaire and its surrounding systems.  The Empyrean War has indeed expanded, although I have little idea which side some were on to tell the truth.  Large numbers of pilots from null sec alliances flocked to the scene, their goals as ambiguous as ever.  Where there is no greater calling, chaos often reigns instead.  Perhaps they were just drawn to the flames, as ever.

I can only hope that the impact of the Shiigeru‘s debris has not claimed too many lives of my distant kin.  It is indeed a tragedy unfolding, despite the great battle fought to protect the citizens of that world.  An event that shall be long remembered, for sure.

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