Battle for Caldari Prime – CCP take the gloves off

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss some interesting fiction developments.


As I like to talk about role playing in EVE, the game’s use of fiction, how it is treated within the game, and the exceedingly long time I have been obsessing myself with it, today I have found interesting.

I can not recall a single instance where CCP have made so much noise over a single  live event as they have done today.  This screenshot is of the login screen today.

Luminaire event news





This is new. 🙂  But it gets more interesting.  Typically, live events are largely run with an ‘opt in’ philosophy to the rules of engagement.  If you don’t want to involve yourself with the event, then it is both easy to avoid and unlikely to come looking for you.  Unless you engage an event actor (these days a CCP employee controlling a character as an NPC) then you are not likely to be attacked.  If the NPC character is a pirate or otherwise aggressive, and you hang about the event in a way that suggests to the actors that you are aware of the event, then maybe you will be engaged but even then you probably won’t be prevented from warping off if you don’t fight back.  Live events are very much run for the people who want them and CCP try not to annoy or inconvenience those who really don’t want to be involved.

That makes this announcement extremely interesting.  Never before have CCP declared that an entire system will be exempt from any and all claims for reimbursement for the duration of a live event.  That right there is a supremely bold statement and my jaw actually dropped to see it being made.  This my friends is a little piece of EVE history!  This could be a very interesting occasion for EVE, where CCP turn a high sec system into a war zone for 24hours and are telling the players that whatever goes down in there is fair game.  Do not expect a fair fight, do not expect to get your implants back if you somehow get podded.  The gloves are coming off.

Furthermore, there is also a dev blog about it.  It reads mostly as a press release to advertise the virtues of the EVE-Dust link, but even so.  CCP is taking this live event thing very seriously these days.  And frankly, that’s awesome. 😀  That dev blog makes me wonder if CCP have may have something up their sleeve that they’ve been keeping quiet about.  If the Caldari Titan Shiigeru gets taken down by planetary defences tomorrow then frankly, I called it here first (probably)! 😛

I’m interested to see how this goes over with the wider EVE community.  Many players have never seen or participated in a live event.  There is always a certain amount of confusion when an event is on from bystanders who just don’t grasp what is actually happening and why there’s these guys talking in local with coloured text, or what they are going on about.  Hopefully events getting this level of exposure might start to educate the many players who weren’t around in the old days of live events as to what its all about.  Either way, expect many things to explode in Luminaire tomorrow!

I think I can see a visit to Luminaire in my near future, it isn’t quite my personal interest area of fiction, being a Gallente/Caldari problem, but I guess as a member of the TLF and nominal ally of the Federation I can show a little support. 😉

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