As rare as a Revenant

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss the surprisingly rare…

I was talking to an old alliance mate the other night and he told me something I found quite surprising that has stuck in my head for the past couple of days now.  Consider if you will, the Revenant Supercarrier.


The Revenant is a Sansha supercarier that can only be built using a BPC.  And the only way to get the BPC is to complete a low-sec Incursion and destroy the Mothership.  Only low-sec Incursions give up the BPC’s and not many low-sec Incursions are completed.  They are considerably more dangerous to run than high sec (and arguably null sec) due to the potential interference of other players and don’t pay enough more to justify the risk to very many people.  Taking down an Incursion takes a fairly large number of coordinated players a significant length of time to knock down the Sansha influence level and force the Mothership out of hiding so that it can be blown up.

The result?  Not very many BPC’s enter circulation.  When they do, the supercarrier still needs to be built out in sovereign null sec same as a regular SC.  So either a low sec group needs to find a null sec builder to take the BPC, or a null sec alliance needs to spend time running a low-sec Incursion.  But even once that part of the process gets resolved, you need a pilot character capable of flying not just one racial carrier, but two as the Revenant follows the Sansha skill tree and requires both Amarr and Caldari Carrier prerequisites.  Which adds to your skill training plan which is often a good way to turn people off the idea..

So the path to flying a Revenant is not as straight forward as it is for any of the other supers.  You might then expect the Revenant to be a terrifying beast of a ship in order to justify all this, yet popular opinion decrees that the Revenant is actually the worst of the bunch!  How accurate that assessment is I really don’t know to be honest, I haven’t crunched the numbers or looked into it all that much.

Having said all of this, what has surprised me is how many Revenants are reportedly out there.  They were first introduced on 25th January 2011 with Incursions themselves, as the final instalment of the expansion of the same name.  So there have been BPC’s entering circulation for over two years now.  Even given all of the points above, and the ongoing super capital proliferation across New Eden, I would have guessed that there would be something like five to ten Revenants out there in the hands of collectors.

It seems the real number is quite different.  No, not higher.  Reportedly, after two years of Incursion running, there may be only two Revenants in existence!  One is owned by Chribba (anyone surprised by that?) while the other is currently being auctioned.  And it looks set to sell for over 200 billion ISK.  Maybe 270+.  Wow.  There are some wealthy collector types out there!

When I first heard this, the first thing that occurred to me was that there is definitely some hefty profits to be made in running a few low sec incursions, at least until the current collectors market is satisfied at any rate.  And sure enough, a quick glance at the journal showed that a low sec incursion was clearly being run by some at the time, which isn’t something I’ve seen happen very often.  It seems likely that we will probably see a couple more Revenant’s cropping up for sale in a few weeks time. 😉

When I mentioned all of this to my brother, his immediate response was “that must annoy the artist”.  I wonder if he has a point and how CCP view it all.  At the same time I think its great that EVE still has rare things, yet it seems a shame that the Rev’ is so rare that they are too valuable to ever actually be seen in action.  And yet…I’m not sure I’d want to see the mechanics change very much.

Perhaps if the Revenant were more in demand for its combat prowess then we’d see a stronger effort to combat low-sec Incursions to get hold of the BPC’s.  Who knows.  Until then, we’re unlikely to see many supercap pilots being prepared to be the only one to put a Revenant on the field.  Guess who would get called primary? 😉

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