This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective following on from the previous entry disputing the assertion that Hi sec is to blame for the current state of  Null sec.

So, my last entry “Hi Sec – Not Killing Null” has proven to be unexpectedly popular and recieved an unprecedented amount of views in under 24 hours.  It is rapidly approaching six times the number of views my second most read entry has accrued.  This isn’t a very widely read blog compared to some out there, but apparently I’m seeing the power of Reddit!  Also the comments I’m seeing both here and on Reddit are largely positive and very flattering, so thanks to everyone who to took the time to respond.  And there is  bit of debate spinning off, which is great, so let’s look at a few.


Groups having to suckle up to a existing power block isn’t anything new though.

As a new(b) group you can’t really expect that you should be able to move into a rich piece of space without having to get the blessings of the existing power blocks. Instead of saying “I can’t move into Deklein, so null is broken/unfair/wrong”, you could try moving into… wait for it..

NPC null. That was created for the exact purpose of giving newer groups a place to move to without having to kiss any butts. Or, low sec. It’s a good place for an up and coming corp/alliance to start, where you can earn a name for yourself and start to develop some contacts.

Point is, nobody should expect that there is a rich piece of null that they are just going to be handed because they want to live in a nice area. You SHOULD have to work with other people who already live in the area. And by “work with” I mean either get them to like you, or stick a blaster in their face and make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Null is working as intended, as it always has been.

He’s quite right, power blocs and ‘paying your dues’ to the big boys of null sec is nothing new at all.  Band of Brothers were infamous for having their renter hordes back in the day.  And he is also right that new arrivals in null should not expect a piece of the best real estate either, earning/taking the best space is something you aspire to, not go straight into.  However, I think that the bloc politics has become increasingly dominant and stifling over the years.  As the current top dogs have become increasingly successful and ever larger, the areas of null that can be cracked into have dwindled.

He goes on to mention NPC null sec as the true starting ground for up and coming alliances in null, which traditionally it has been, but I think even that is becoming increasingly locked up.  I have been in and out of Curse a few times over the years and I think it has become an increasingly competitive space (which isn’t necessarily bad) and increasingly overshadowed by existing powers (which is not great if its meant to be an entry point).  I do wonder if EVE might benefit from an expansion of NPC null sec in some way, perhaps a few new small-ish regions to allow for a bit more breathing space?

I think his final point is spot on though.  If you want to control space in null sec then ultimately it comes down to your ability to either make a few friends or fight for it.  So long as players can do that outside of a map-spanning mega bloc, it’s cool.


was null more exciting back in the original time. Absolutely yes.

Would I go back to the way it was, no bridges, no capitals warp to 15 on the gate. hell no



Yeah, it’s just like he mentions in the article, the easier logistics have had a ton of ill effects, but it simultaneously gets rid of so much annoying mucking about that the majority of people hate dealing with that you really can’t just roll back the change. It’s a sticky situation for sure.

These guys I think nail it for so many people out there.  We all want the uncertainty and excitement but we don’t want EVE to be a second job.  Jump bridges were intended to address a problem but haven’t been a silver bullet.  Tbh I wouldn’t want to see warp to 0km removed either, insta warp bookmarks were an essential thing to have but an utter pain in the arse.


This has its merits.

Prior to reading this I didn’t even think to piece together the easier logistics of null making the Wild West into the budding Rome.

I think most of the complaints about Null are rooted in how it’s simply changing. The power-blocs will eventually go to war, as they always have, but it’s just much easier for them to set up shop and become big monsters in insurmountable towers before they blow one another apart.

Interesting analogy, I like it!  It is a certainty in EVE, as in life, that all things must eventually end.  The CFC/HBC will surely be toppled or collapse eventually, but right now they are rising to a level of power and influence that I don’t think EVE has ever seen before.  If the end comes wth a bang, it should be pretty cool to see.


I feel like I have to resound some things I’ve seen said on the page and here in reddit. The game should be how you play it. If you want to be risk averse, there’s hisec. If PvP is your thing, move to low or null. If there’s really one overarching rule I’ve learned from my short time playing, its to be wary of anyone who tells you how to play Eve.

Well said, that man.  It is a tricky balance for CCP to maintain but the answer does not lie in attempting to ‘forcibly evict’ the high sec residents.  Carrots beat sticks to motivate desired behaviour.  High sec needs to remain relatively safe, low sec arguably is for the casual PVP’er or risk taking entrepeneurs.  Null sec is the game of thrones, playground for all seeking the no-holds-barred and anything goes gameplay.  But no player should ever be forced into playing the game a particular way, that’s just bad design.


I certainly enjoy reading a well thought out article, especially one that works to be as balanced and intelligent as possible. Hope more people get to read this.

I don’t do a quote of the week, but if I did this is it for me! Gunsmythe, my ego loves you. 😉

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