First Op

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss getting newbies killed. 🙂

Last night was the first organised corp op for my newly founded corp, Jotunn Risi.  We are now a four man outfit, two of whom are complete newbies that I have introduced to the game.  They are now a week in and interested in experiencing the PVP side.  Actually, they were interested earlier but I wanted them to learn where some basic buttons were first. 😉

So I called the op and spent an hour or so in hi sec with them on voice comms, talking through some PVP basics I knew they were going to be ignorant of.  Warp scrams turn off microwarp drives.  Warp scrams and disruptors prevent warping.  Fleet warping, the fleet watch list.  I made sure they had the overview profiles I had emailed to them loaded.  It is interesting to do this again as I had to think pretty hard about what I things I take for granted when heading into a fight.  You really have to shift gears mentally to look at everything from a rookie perspective.

The other thing I made sure to do before going any further was to look at their fittings.  I had already talked one of them out of bringing his new Stabber along to his first PVP outing and pushed them both towards happy-go-lucky Slashers.  They had each fitted 125mm Gallium autocannons, an 1mn afterburner and were talking about adding civilian shield boosters.  Nothing else.  I then ran through a list of mods to see what they could use and filled out their empty slots with some basics like a Damage Control, Overdrive I etc.  At this point in your EVE career, the typical fits the rest of use just aren’t happening. 😉

Then we headed out into low sec to learn about some FW mechanics.  A few jumps later we happened upon some Amarrians in Ardar.  I decided to get stuck in and try to pick off a frigate inside a small plex.  As we were landing and I was half way through telling them to use the acceleration gate, destroyers started landing on us.  Bugger.  One of them went down on the gate, the other made it into the plex but didn’t get clear fast enough and went down inside it.  I warped off with some armour damage before the destroyers finished shredding me.

Deciding that a regroup and reship back in hig sec would be a good idea, we turned back.  which is when we ran into an insta locking gate camp, where I promptly died too.  Although funnily enough my remaining newbie in his pod got through while mine spread its contents (me) across Resbroko.  Hmm.

So that didn’t go to plan, but they did still enjoy themselves, so that was cool.  I have found in the past week that while both are up for some PVP, one is leaning more towards industrial interests and the other heavily towards PVP.  The PVP enthusiast did not fail to disappoint by immediately fitting out a spare Slasher I had given him and taking himself back into low sec looking for more trouble.  He told me he had reached Gulmorogod.  I told him that Amamake next door is historically one of the most dangerous systems in EVE.  He goes straight in.  I tell him the Ossogur gate is the most dangerous, he warps to it.  No-one there.  Top belt?  Again, no-one there.  By now I have got myself into another frigate but I’m getting ready to log for the night.

He notices FW plexes open, asks which to go for.  I tell him try the novice.  He does.  He gets into a fight, Slasher vs Crucifier, doesn’t die immediately but does get into trouble and knows it.  I head over.  He gets more agitated, being under fire by both the NPC and a player, then gets a bit incoherent and I’m not sure if there is a now a gang on him.  As I warp in its him, an EVE Uni guy in a crucifier with drones out and the NPC.

He’s going down, into structure.  I burn in, overloading everything.  The Crucifier, already part damaged, melts under my Breachers rockets and drones, my guy lives on 21% structure.  I’m now pretty happy with myself for both getting them killed and then saving one of them at the last second in the same session.  My newbie is buzzing, first PVP kill of his career and it was a good fight at that.  I think I may have a natural PVP pilot on my hands here. 🙂

So our first little op turned out pretty well.  They have popped their PVP cherries and hopefully learned not to get too attached to their ships!  I think they are getting a good feel for how dangerous EVE can be, particularly given how quickly they both died in that first encounter.  But neither has freaked out yet over losing their ships, which is great.

At this point our corp combat record is pretty damn terrible (2.7% efficiency for February!  Hell yeah!) but then over half the ISK value of our losses so far comes from my pod, so that’s not so bad.  We’ll need to find a few decent kills to prop up the stats a bit but no matter, its probably better to show activity in losses than imply inactivity through nothing at all to potential recruits.

It’s a start, and one we all seem to be enjoying.  And that is definitely what counts.

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