Promo Day

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective.

So this afternoon I have mostly spent with Photoshop.  Assuming you visit the site directly to read my rambling, you might have already noticed. 😉

One of the things I knew I’d need to deal with about departing Ushra’Khan and starting up a new corp is that most of my ‘branding’ that I use around EVE was Ushra’Khan related.  It has been afterall a huge part of my EVE-life over the years.  As I have been mumbling over the past few entries, ‘time for something new’.

So first up, the old Ushra’Khan banner that used to dominate the front page is gone and replaced with the recently remodeled Stabber hull with an appropriately Minmatar backdrop.  The old banner was actually something I borrowed from an old alliance mate, Eddie Gordo, who created it for his Pod Logs blogging site which hosted my original blog.  An Ushra’Khan theme was provided, when I started up this blog after Pod Logs closed I used it as a placeholder and it kind of stuck. 😉

Second change is that I added a little recruitment advert over on the right.  My corp, my blog, makes sense I think!  I also expanded the blurb about who I am just above it and resized the image.  It was a little bigger than my ego, so needed a trim. 😛

I think it is a better look for the site, I’d be interested in hearing what people think.  I’m not a web designer but always thought I should probably do a bit more with it!

So, I hear you cry, how is the new corp going?  Not bad for a first week I think.  Last weekend I started it up all by my lonesome self, now we’re up to 4 members with a possible fifth in recruitment.  500% in a week growth sounds good, doesn’t it?

I am hoping that with a couple more players added to the books the corp will start to look a more attractive proposition.  I want to hit that critical mass of twenty to twenty five that really makes a corp environment come to life, but it is going to take more pushing and perseverance.  And I will need to keep the guys I have acquired invested at the same time.  Ever a challenge…

As a final note, I’m attending the London EVE meet next weekend, so if you’re going and identify me, say hi!  I will be the guy asking everyone what race and bloodline their characters are.

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