Social Experiment

Corporation logoThis entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss setting up a new corp.

A few days ago I created my new corp, Jotunn Risi.  It is, shall we say, a work in progress.  As if any corp is anything but. 😉

I decided to try out something that I’ve been thinking about doing for ages – creating an exclusively Brutor corp.  I may be a glutton from punishment, but I really like the idea.  Recruitment will be hard as I’m limiting the potential candidates to about, oh, 7.45% of EVE’s population.  I know this because last February I asked CCP Diagoras on twitter what the break down of each bloodline was (as I said, been thinking about this for awhile…):


Char distribution by bloodline @Ugleb_Capsuleer : Top 5; Gallente 14.69%, Civire 13.22%, Achura 10.94%, Deteis 10.81%, Amarr 8.11%.


Char distribution by bloodline, bottom 5: Ni-Kunni 3.98%, Jin-Mei 4.12%, Vherokior 4.71%, Khanid 6.29%, Brutor 7.45%.


That leaves Sebiestor (8.06%) and Intaki (7.60%).

So yeah, we’ll see how that works out I guess.  The other recruitment hurdle is that it can be hard for a very small corp to attract new members.  As I am setting the corp up by myself, that makes for a starting member count of one. 😉  I’m very curious to see if doing this is going to work and what sort of response I’ll get to it.

While setting up the corp I made two observations.  Firstly, the logo creation tool could really do with more colour and graphic options.  It isn’t easy to make something that I didn’t feel like I’d seen oh so many times before, or that just didn’t have the tone I was looking for.  Ultimately I picked the above going for a ‘Norse’ feel as the name Jotunn Risi draws on Norse mythology and loosely means ‘Giants Rise’.  Still, I would have liked a broader range of images and colours, a lot of stuff I tried out just looked terrible.  Or very similar to other corps I know….

Which got me thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if we could submit custom designed corp logos in the same way as we do for alliances?  I think there would be a lot of people out there willing to pay some PLEX if they could have a unique logo.  It would have to come with a fee as there are so many corps out there CCP could never keep up with reviewing all the submissions for quality control without paying somebody some overtime!

The other thing I came across was while writing the corp recruitment advert.  I love the idea of these things but not their quirks.  There is a word limit on the ads but no indication of when you hit it.  You press submit and find that the end of the ad is cut off.  Bah!  Something that has always bugged me about corp ads is that there is no button to renew expired ads, you have to recreate the whole damned thing.  But I have now discovered that you can edit and extend the duration of an advert that is still running.  Yay!  I learned something!

As I was contemplating this stuff and starting recruitment and Intergalactic Summit threads, there was a thing happening elsewhere in EVE…  The massive and utterly accidental battle in Asakai hit Reddit and gaming news sites, which prompted a friend of mine who doesn’t play EVE but who was curious about it to message me on facebook:

Did you witness any of the HBC vs CFC stuff on Eve?

I explained a bit about what I’d been hearing and the recent CFC/HBC will-they-won’t-they-go-to-war politics that have been bouncing about lately and he said this:

Things like this make me want to play Eve so bad but can never bring myself to start.

It was about then I had an idea…and sent him a buddy program trial invite.  He asked if I could send another to his mate too.  I suggested they both create Brutor characters.  They did.  I recruited them.  Heh. 🙂

So now I have a three man corp and a couple of complete newbies to train and get hooked.  Interestingly, one of them wants to PVP and the other wants to mine, so there’s a nice variety there.  I think I’m going to be farming their brains for the newbies perspective, which should prove interesting.  What I have started doing to is quickly introduce them to other veterans I know, which I hope will give them exposure to a lot of knowledge and advice on getting started.

What I’m wary of is that they are now enrolled in an FW corp.  On day one.  I gave them a briefing that basically summed as “If you see some guy with an orange box and white star by his name, run the other way for now!”. 😉  I need to be a little careful of throwing too much at them as EVE is a game that some newbies just bounce right off.  Hopefully I’m surrounding them with enough experience to start making sense of it all, and I can subsidise their early loses without too much trouble as they can’t use much in the way of T2 yet.

One thing has been nicely illustrated here already though.  The best advertising that CCP can ask for is the players themselves getting up to mischief!  We really do create the content that sells their game!

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2 Responses to Social Experiment

  1. Kuan Yida says:

    For years, HUANG was a Vherokior-only corp. It’s still mainly Vherokior.

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