With time, comes change

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective.  There will be a follow up ‘out of character’ post on this topic.

Ugleb sat alone in his quarters, holding a brass neck chain in his hands.  From the chain links hang eight symbols, each a bronze casting with a rough finish, enough work had been done to give each its shape and necessary features, but little effort had been expended to smooth and polish them.  It was as if the craftsman had seen little value in adornment, the simple fact the pieces existed at all was enough.  The creation of the symbols was paramount, the aesthetics of the piece were not.

He idly runs the pieces through his fingers, staring absently at each for awhile before moving on to the next.  A display screen on the table next to him stands neglected, the end of an Ushra’Khan briefing document left discarded and ignored for hours now.  It detailed movement plans and instructions for relocation to Insmother.

A Caldari man walked in, pocketing an access card and made his way across the room and sat down next to Ugleb with a broad smile, not bothering to wait for an invitation or acknowledgement .  The Caldari continued to smile fixedly at the Minmatar and after a long moment of silence offered; “So, shall I start?  I mean you called me, but if you just wanted to hear the sound of my voice, that’s cool.”

The Brutor shot him a sideways glance but did not rise to the bait.  The Caldari laughed and continued.  “So, we are just about done relocating production.  The first batch of hulls is complete and I have brought in additional mexallon from high sec to start the next batch.  We have a few piles of low end minerals to consolidate but that shouldn’t take too long.  We need to start shifting stock again though as at this point all of our ISK is tied up in assets, we’re down to pocket change on every wallet including my own.  You know one of these days I might start insisting on an actual wage.  My grandad would bust a fluid router if he knew I was out here and not screwing every last ISK I could out of you Tribals.  I mean really, a CEO that doesn’t skim off the top?  It’s positively perverse!”

Ugleb grunted acknowledgement and nodding along as the Caldari talked, finally choosing to speak as the summary wrapped up.  “Good.  We will need to put those assets to use if the TLF is going to hang on to what space we still hold.”

The Caldari nodded, although his smile had slipped a little, becoming more thoughtful than his usual cocky self.  “You have decided then?  You are going to stay?  So that means…”.  He pointed to the eight brass symbols.  One each for the seven tribes of Minmatar, the eighth a bloody fist, emblem of the Ushra’Khan.

Ugleb sighed, a sad and tired exhalation.  He nodded, unhooking the emblem from the chain.  “I think the day has finally arrived, the day I part ways with the Ushra’Khan.  I think…it has been a long time coming.  Not that the choice ever got easier.”

The Caldari shrugged.  “No doubt.  Seven years, isn’t it?  Not many Capsuleers can claim to have been active that long, let alone tied to the same alliance.   Still, on some level I can’t quite believe you’re actually doing it.”  He ran and hand through his hair and frowned before asking.  “So… What happens now?  I’m looking after the tools of the trade as before, but what are you going to be doing?”

Ugleb smiled.  “Something a little new.  A little different.  I think its time to try setting my own agenda again, maybe get back into the CEO business.  Try a little recruitment.  The cause needs fresh blood, some reinvigorating.  Things are falling apart out there, I need to shake some life back into my old bones and get back into this fight.”

The Caldari laughed. “Old bones?  You’re a Capsuleer, you go get yourself podded and wake up with a fresh set!  Bloody Tribals… I swear your rituals age your brains prematurely ”  He shook his head as Ugleb shot him another narrow-eyed glance.  He held up a hand placatingly.  “I kid, I kid!  Heh.  So, you doing recruitment, huh?  Well, that should be interesting.”

Ugleb smiled as he stood up and crossed the room to a shelf.  Reaching up he took down a small box, opened it and laid the Ushra’Khan emblem reverentially inside.  He slowly placed the box back on the shelf  before replying.  “Yes, it should.”

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