Faction Rogue Drones y’say?

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss a thing that CCP Greyscale just said on EVE TV.

I’m watching the New Eden Open tournament live stream, and CCP Greyscale was just on to talk mostly but about Crimewatch 2.0, which it seems has pretty much been his life at work for the past year or so.

For the most part it was nothing huge, simply an explanation of what has changed for Retribution and how CCP approached the whole messy, tangled man trap that was Crimewatch 1.0 to beat it into shape for a modern age.  Like many of EVE’s ‘legacy’ systems, it is a feature that started out simply many years ago but had other things bolted onto it over the years to the point where it just had to be ripped out and replaced in order to do anything meaningful with.

From what I have seen of Cromewatch 2.0 and why it is the way it is, I’m optimistic that once the community get over the horror of change then it will be accepted as an improvement and refinement of the EVE experience.

He also mentioned the changes being made to Rogue Drones and the addition of Officer NPC’s with drone-themed officer modules for them to drop.  A player question was put him if we would be seeing Rogue Drone faction ships eventually added to the game, he basically said ‘probably not’.

Which is I think the right answer, because from a fiction stand point, a Rogue Drone IS the Rogue Drone.  It is one big machine (or maybe a host of smaller inter-connected drones) run by a crazy artificial intelligence linked to a machine ‘hive mind’.  The thing that makes the ship special is that AI, and the construction of the vessel would I think be quite alien to a capsuleer’s mind even if they could fit a pod into the thing.

So no to Rogue Drone faction hulls.  But there is something else I would like to see instead.  You can already get Rogue Drone variants of existing combat drones in various types/sizes, which makes total sense for the faction’s backstory.  So let’s extend that.

Rogue Drone flavoured Fighters and Fighter Bombers please.  And dropped with enough quantity (by drop rate or runs on the BPC) so that they actually get used occasionally.

Maybe they deal a little extra DPS, maybe they have stronger tanks.  Maybe they have higher tracking, maybe they are more compact allowing for carriers/super carriers to pack in a few extra. I dunno, but it feels like there are options here that could make drone hunting a more enticing prospect.

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4 Responses to Faction Rogue Drones y’say?

  1. But, aren’t fighters and bombers flown by human pilots? I guess you could have an AI there instead, like they do for the chip-sized drones, but I guess it makes less sense. Are there fighter and bomber class rogue drones you have to fight (never been to the Drone Regions myself)

  2. Ugleb says:

    Damn, meant to mention that in the post! You are correct, there are pilots inside Fighters and Fighter Bombers, but I’d see it as less of a stretch to portray them as lobotomised or ‘shackled’ AI’s being used in place of the pilot/Rogue Drone AI core.

    There are curently no Rogue Drone capital ship NPC’s and therfore no existing fighters/bombers. Would be nice to see though. The current models for Rogue Drone battleship NPC’s are modified Dominix models, so presumably the capital ships would be modified versions of Gallente capitals. That does of course lead to the slight issue of CCP’s art team seeing capital ship art assets as being very time intensive.

    Again, would be nice to see it all, and at that point you may have the basis for a drone-themed Incursion type. 😉

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