Who wins in the patch?

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to look at the impact of Inferno 1.3.2 on the Amarr-Minmatar warzone.

I was looking through some of the feedback thread to yesterday’s surprise FW dev blog and today’s patch.  Although the feedback is mostly positive and the changes are generally welcomed, not everyone is happy.  Someone always finds something to be unhappy about.

Obviously the plex farming crowd are unhappy, particularly the ones who did not get chance to do one last high tier cash out.  They are getting no sympathy so no problem there.

The other people who seem unhappy seem to be mainly from the Amarr militia.  As with Inferno, they (or at least some of them) feel short changed by the mechanics and feel that this patch has played into Minmatar hands.  I even found an obligatory accusation that Hans Jagerblitzen of CSM7 has yet again played favourites and leveraged CCP to deploy the changes now so that his militia benefits.  This is a standard occurrence in any thread involving FW changes.

What I find interesting is that the actual situation in the war zone right now is the reverse.  Before the patch was even announced the Amarr had a large proportion of Minmatar systems into deep ‘vulnerable’ status just waiting for someone to shoot the I-HUB and flip system control.

One of the features of the latest FW iterations is that system upgrades will now degrade more slowly, meaning that  once you have upgraded a system you keep the benefit for longer.  It is also a popular opinion in FW circles that systems will now be harder to capture, meaning that whoever held them as of the patch deployment held an advantage.

Well, considering that the Amarr supposedly got shafted by this patch, this is how the warzone breaks down right now.

Minmatar held systems: 29

Minmatar systems in ‘vulnerable’ status: 18

Minmatar ‘Lost’ status systems: 2

And for the Amarr?

Amarr held systems: 21

Amarr systems in ‘vulnerable’ status: 0

Amarr ‘Lost’ status: 0

This means that the Amarr are about to have 23 systems once those ‘lost’ systems finish flipping and that if they can shoot the I-HUB’s they could flip up to 18 more systems as well, doubling their holdings and swiftly overtaking the Minnies.  All of those systems are pretty much theirs for the taking and under the new mechanics arguably easier to hold and upgrade.  How does this break down to Warzone Control tiers?

Minmatar have tier 3, Amarr are on tier 1.  In order to gain tier 2 you need around 84 Warzone Control points and to hit tier 3 you need about 168.  Each level of upgrade in a system nets you 1 point.

If the Amarr upgrade the 23 systems they have already that nets them 115 control points, pushing them deep into tier 2 and well on the way towards tier 3.  If they start with the bunker busting in the already vulnerable systems then tier 3 is really quite achievable right now.

It is a reasonable expectation that many of the AFK plex farmers that have been bulking out the Minmatar/Caldari militias in recent months are about to start moving on as the FW mechanics just got much less farmer friendly.  This puts a dent in the Minmatar’s alleged plexing manpower advantage and gives the Amarr an opening to make considerable strides.

I really don’t see how the Minmatar come out ahead with these changes, the mechanics gap between the two sides just got considerably shortened and the timing of it plays heavily in the Amarrian favour.

If I were in the 24IC right now, I’d get on with upgrading those systems of theirs to substantially boost my LP rewards and get on with flipping all of those vulnerable systems.  CCP just handed them a great opportunity.

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