This entry has nothing to do with EVE-Online, other than a tenuous link to spaceships…

At the moment on Kickstarter, there is a bid for a new game called Blackspace.  Despite looking like an interesting project with a nicely put together bid, they are struggling a bit to hit the target.

I assume that most people reading this are vaguely familiar with Kickstarter, but essentially it is a means of crowd sourcing funding for projects that might otherwise not find investment.  Recently the games industry has latched onto it as a means of funding the games that developers/start-ups  want to make but are unlikely to gain funding for through a traditional publisher.  FTL: Faster Than Light is a recent success story of this and another project I backed.  FTL is now available on Steam and through Good Old Games, which shows that Kickstarter is a pretty big deal.

A pitch on Kickstarter asks for a goal amount of money that the bidder needs to complete the project, but they only receive any money if they reach or exceed their goal (so your pledge doesn’t get paid out unless they succeed).  If they fall short they get nothing and are not allowed to resubmit.  I would like to see Blackspace go forwards, but as they are struggling to catch the media’s eye they need some extra help.  Go forth and read their pitch!

If you like it, spread the word! 🙂

P.S.  Next blog will be EVE-related, promise. 😉

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