Relief Mission

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective to discuss an Ushra’Khan RP-based event spinning off the current CCP Arch Angel Cartel live events.

The Angel Cartel have launched two strikes in quick succession upon targets within the Republic.  No-one knows yet why they have targeted the ‘Genesis Vaults’, as they are little more than horticultural museums of seed banks and biological samples.  What interest facilities run by the Matar Society for Natural Preservation are to the Cartel, I do not know.

The attacks have come hard and fast, with considerable levels of collateral damage being dealt to the facilities and loss of life.  Because of this, it was decided that the Ushra’Khan would mount a relief effort to bring supplies in to Oddelulf to support both the people affected and the damage done to their facility.

An escort fleet proceeded through the Empyrean warzone without incident, halting at Gelfiven.  Conflicting reports had begun to circulate in public comms channels of a possible third Cartel sighting in Oddelulf.  As we approached the area it became increasingly clear that the reports were false.

This part of Molden Heath is normally relatively quiet, but local numbers had spiked to over fifty Capsuleers.  This turned out to be two different fleets tentatively engaging one another as we approached.  It was clear that both groups would be hostile towards us and may well have arrived in expectation of our relief mission.

What unfolded next was a fluid exchange of fire with all sides jostling for position.  The main force arrayed against us was a Tornado sniping fleet that proved cagey about engaging our heavier battleships support by logistics ships.  Finding that we could not force the engagement we turned our attention back to delivering the supplies and escorting our freighter through the system.

Seeing a window of opportunity opening the freighter was swiftly shepherded through Oddelulf to deliver its vital cargo of food, medicines and construction supplies.  The crews handled their duty with practiced precision and the freighter was soon clear of the dock and safely returned to high security space, accomplishing its mission.

What impact this mission will have upon the people of Oddelulf I may not know for some time, but attention must again turn to the perpetrators of the attack.  Just what are the Angel’s after?

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