Day 365

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss…this blog.  How recursive!

Today marks the first anniversary of this blog!  That went fast…

I started this blog up to replace my old blog of the same name that I used to run on the defunct Podlogs site.  I have tried to take a more ‘serious’ approach to my blogging this time around by being reasonably prolific.  My old blog was updated so irregularly and infrequently that I’m not actually sure how long Podlogs had been offline before I even noticed…

So this time around I set myself a target; a post every Saturday as a minimum.  Well, I don’t post every Saturday.  Heh.  But I have managed to average out at more than a post each week, this is my 67th entry so that’s not too bad I think.  But if any of you regular readers would like to see a little more consistency, let me know! 😉

The main thing is of course that I have managed to get a few regular readers!  Cheers to you all, your perseverance is much appreciated.  I do wonder from time to time where I fit within the EVE blogosphere, as it can be hard to tell how your blogging is regarded or if you have ‘made it’ within the community, or just talking to yourself in a corner….

I am certainly not in the same league as the likes Ripard Teg in the exposure stakes, although he does apparently read this blog from time to time.  Incidentally that post ranks as my most-read thing ever, such is the Following Of Teg.  I also got a nomination for the July Eebees, which was nice.

What I take from those things is that I have managed to crawl out of absolute irrelevance and into, umm, modest obscurity?  In an artistic sense maybe?  I dunno.  But it is nice to know that people are reading and thinking at least something positive!

I am mostly writing this entry to make myself think about how I have run the blog so far and where I want it to go next.  Some people write on a specific subject or theme, I tend to be fairly general in my chosen topics.  Mostly I think that it is important to know what not to write about.  I am not one to critique the specifics of ship balancing, as I have no clue if cutting the grid on all medium artillery is a good idea.  So I don’t write about that.   But instead I would write about my overall perception of the ongoing ‘tiericide’ rebalancing.  If you happen to be starting your own blog and are reading this, do take that advice.  Know what you don’t know and don’t write about it just because everyone else is!

What I have been finding is that my ‘in character’ writing tends to be what others point to about this blog.  So I guess that means I should try to keep those posts coming fairly regularly.  I am a little wary of going overboard on the RP side of the blog as I do want people to take all the rest of the things I say at least semi-seriously.  Roleplay, or maybe roleplayers maybe don’t have the best reputation in EVE (heh) so I do think that there is something of a balancing act to my content.

A goal that I am going to set for myself is to get my ‘Capsuleers Timeline‘ project off the ground.  I really do think that there should be a decent historical record of all player-created events, so I’m going to damn well make one!  I started on it awhile ago, now need to get on with getting something posted.  Someone give me a kick if I haven’t shown any signs of progress a week from now.

So, again thanks to all for taking the time to read my mutterings.  May the next year continue with a decent posting frequency and the documenting of EVE-histories!

Cheers all,


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