Dust514 coming to a TQ near you?

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to do a bit of Dust514 speculation.

Two posts in one day?  Aren’t you people lucky! 😉

From time to time I swing by the Dust514 homepage to see if anything interesting has been posted.  Occasionally there is.  Now you might be wondering why I find that blurb about creating corporations interesting given that it is pretty much old news now.  Dust514 and EVE-Online players will be able to share the exact same corps on Tranquility with players from both games being able to hold any rank within the corp.

You might even be aware that the Dust514 beta has been hosted on Singularity since 17th August, so alittle over a month now.  You can hop on to Sisi and chat with a Dust player on his PS3 any time you like.  We can’t bombard them from orbit yet, but we can talk to them.  CCP has achieved the unprecedented in beta.

There is also evidence of a bunch of other new features appearing on the Buckingham server such as Planetary Districts.  There was also a cancelled mass test which was slated to involve orbital strikes.  I was both surprised to see that announced and not surprised to see it postponed, as it suggested that Dust514 is closer to ‘feature complete’ than I had been expecting.

So the thing that surprised me about that Dust514 blog?  It was this statement;

Starting with our next major update, DUST 514 players will be entering a universe populated with established social groups as well as ongoing politics associated with these groups and are welcome to become part of that social dynamic. This means that overnight, a DUST 514 player can go from being in an NPC newbie corporation to joining a 7,000-player strong empire that owns a sizeable chunk of the known space in the EVE Online universe.

This blog was posted on 14th September, a month after the beta hit Singularity.  I have no idea when that next major update might be, but it is certainly starting to sound like Dust514 might become a reality in EVE in the very near future.

I for one welcome our ground pounding interlopers and look forwards to shelling them all from orbit.  It is after all the only way to be sure!

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