Pressing Home

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective.

Tonight would begin with a weapons test.  The newly christened Hurricane Erada One has been freshly outfitted and custom fitted for a special mission.  To test the Amarrian Naval forces in Myyhera.

The militia pilots of the 24th Imperial Crusade have been again hard pressed following the departure of Nulli Secunda, Fweddit and HUN Reloaded from their ranks, opening the way for a determined TLF counter strike.  The arrival of Agony Empire may yet compensate for some of that lost manpower, but to what extent is yet to be seen.

As control over the war zone is being swiftly re-established, thoughts turn towards to what lies beyond the  neat boundaries of CONCORD’s militia war powers act; the Amarrian core worlds.  Tonight’s little field test takes us into the border system of Myyhera, a 0.5 security status system and the lightest defences of the Imperial Navy.  The Ushra’Khan has not long returned home to join the Empyrean War as an enlisted force, so our experience of the Amarrian Naval patrols is out dated.

We moved into Myyhera without incident with a trio of Hurricanes and began to engage the Imperial Navy forces that moved to intercept us.  It did not take long for our autocannons to leave a trail of shattered hulls in our wake.  Our Battlecruisers proved more than a match for their non-Capsuleer vessels, even individually our vessels were able to shrug off their firepower for extended periods of time.  When working in formation to remote transfer capacitor or remote repair, we proved immune to anything the local defences could throw at us.

With our preliminary testing a success, we moved back into the warzone to support the TLF operations there.  The next step would be an escalation and a greater prohection of force into the Amarrian core worlds, but for now it is one step at a time.

Although I have been back in the Empyrean War for over a month now, I have not been present for a liberation.  Tonight, I have taken part in three.  Oyonata, Kurnainen and Saidusairos had all been deeply contested for days now, all it took was for the final blows to be administered.

I came home after so long away because I had grown distant from such direct action as this.  It feels good to have the old enemy back in my sights after so long navigating the quagmire of null sec politics.  Things feel simpler here, there is something to be said for that.

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