Contested Balance

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective to muse about actually getting in a ship to (hopefully) go shoot something.  How novel!

I’m not sure when I last flew this beast.  She’s been in storage for quite awhile now without seeing any action at all.  The Hammerdown, a Tempest class battleship.  It is now the largest hull I’ve flown since re-enlisting with the TLF, as the past month has been a welcome return to frigate and destroyer hulls.  Just like old times.

As liberating as it is to fly a nimble, and fragile, craft jinking your way through a dogfight, sometimes the right tool for the job is the durability and firepower of a wing of battleships.  The call came down to dust-off our old Tempest setups we haven’t used in, I don’t know, could be a year or more.  Turns out the Hammerdown was still fitted with a… hah, ‘modified’ variant of it.

I spent a little time tweaking the fittings and performing diagnostics.  As the crew roster was being refilled I gave some thought to the name of this ship.  It isn’t the first Tempest I have owned to go by the name Hammerdown, although I have no records of the line.  Not so long ago I adopted a new naming convention for my ships.  I name each class after a star constellation found in Minmatar space, and number them accordingly.  So from today, the Hammerdown is named the Tiat One for the Tiat constellation of Metropolis.


The fleet has been assembling in Arzad, inside the captured 24th Imperial Crusade Logistics Support station.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over my distaste for Amarrian architecture.  The Gallente might over indulge in their luxuries, but the Amarrian furnishings in this suite of quarters are down right decadent.  Gilt and polished woods.  Why no-one has removed these damaned statues is beyond me, their very existence is an affront to all Minmatar.  Or at least, it should be, there are days I wonder at how far the acceptance of the Amarrian religion goes.


We started to roll out towards Kourmonen, but after a few jumps intel came back of a much larger and generally heavier Amarrian fleet formed up to counter us.  The original mission had been to defend a starbase exiting reinforced mode, the decision has just been made to let it fall ande to preserve our heavy ships.  The fleet is switching back down to lighter hulls and moving to secure defensive tactical positions.

News of Nulli Secunda enlisting with the 24IC has apparently re-energized the Amarr loyalists.  Their fleets have swelled, even without the presence of Nulli pilots and a swathe of Minmatar-held systems have come under intense pressure.  Republic Fleet forces have been hard pressed, leaving control of half the warzone contested.  A dramatic change in just a few weeks.

The Thrasher Phoom, a class not yet named for a constellation, replaces the Tiat One for tonights action as I set out on patrol of Metropolis.


In vulnerable Turnur, I secured a minor installation.   The fleet is well spread working on strengthening positions across the area.  For my part I received a promotion to Lance Commander, earning me a place in the middle-ranks of the TLF.  The fleet has picked up a handful of kills tonight, but so far I have missed getting into the action before it was all over.

Things seem tense in the warzone tonight, with both sides pushing to increase their territorial control, but wary of going head to head in pitched battle.   The Nulli Secunda fleet remains large, but doesn’t seem to be exerting as much power as it could.   Evati has now fallen, but many other systems remain in Minmatar hands.

The big Amarrian push may still not happen in earnest tonight, so the waiting continues.  A slower night than expected maybe, but perhaps the calm before a storm.

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