A future for live events?

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss Live Events in EVE.

Back in April I wrote this piece lamenting the decline of live events in EVE.  Back in the day, many years ago now, there were frequent storyline based live events in EVE put on both by CCP and the long-since demised Aurora ISD program (in which a team of player volunteers wrote and ran events under CCP supervision).

Over time for various reasons that stopped happening, until in the run up to Incursion where a handful of CCP staff volunteered their own time to start running live events again.  And for a little under a year things were looking good, the events were pretty well run (especially given the minimal resources available) and did a good job of engaging with the players.  Hundreds of players flocked to the pre-Incursion Sansha invasions and the Arek’jaalan project got a highly enthusiastic response too.  Although many players might turn up their nose at the mention of ‘roleplay’, the truth is people enjoy a show and EVE’s rich back story and setting is one of its draws.

But it didn’t last, as lynch-pin volunteers can burn out and in the case of CCP Dropbear, leave the company.  Sure enough, the live events ground to a halt with little more said by CCP.  Until this weekend.

During the Alliance Tournament coverage, CCP Delegate Zero made an appearance to talk about a little something that he and some others within CCP are now working on… yes, live events.

Soon after Empyrean Age and the start of factional warfare, the Minmatar storyline moved towards a new government being created.  Five years or so later, and that still hasn’t happened.  CCP Delegate Zero has now said that he is working on revisiting and wrapping up that particular loose end.  As a Minmatar RP’er, he may now be my new favourite dev. 😉

As good as this news is, I was briefly nursing that lingering doubt of how long another barely-supported volunteer would be able to sustain any sort of regular or consistent live events to keep the pulse of the storyline going.  Which is when said something that I find very, very encouraging.

CCP t0rfifrans is now on the event team. EVE’s creative director.  This suddenly sounds like something it may be more than just a couple of guys trying to ‘throw something together’ off their own backs.  Maybe, just maybe, CCP might be taking live events more seriously than they have done in many a year.

We can but hope.

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2 Responses to A future for live events?

  1. Suriel says:

    I enjoyed the Arek’Jaalan project very much – and there are players, including me, when time permits, to continue it.
    The reason I enjoyed it was, it was not only a good event that brought a lot of pilots together. It also was an intelligent project, not just many ships steered by GMs going BOOM.
    So I truly hope they will continue in the tradition of CCP Dropbear.

  2. Ugleb says:

    I’d expect this Minmatar Republic Tribal Assembly arc that CCP Delegate Zero is working on would be more political in nature, with a possibility of some conflict should there be a good old fashioned tribal dispute…

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