The Capsuleer Timeline

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to tell you about a project that I’m working on; the Capsuleer Timeline.

Recently I realised that there is, to my knowledge, no existing timeline of EVE’s player events.  Next year EVE turns ten years old, and alot of stuff has happened in the decade of EVE’s existence.  But there is no real reference for it.

So, I have begun working on developing the ‘Capsuleer Timeline’ which I will host as a page (or several pages) on this blog.  I am currently sifting through the extensive archive of the Intergalactic Summit forum picking out everything I can identify as an ‘event’.  Primarily I’m looking for things that happened in-game, such as ‘Burn Jita’, but I’m including a few things that were forum based that I consider to be of interest, like CVA’s original announcement of ‘Operation Deliverance’; their ongoing quest to reclaim the Providence region.

Although I’m starting with the IGS, and therefore primarily roleplaying events, I do aim to include non-RP events such as Burn Jita or Hulkageddon.  I am undecided on if I should include CCP’s live events on this as well, they may give context to the storyline influencing player events, but I think the emphasis should be on player creations.

What I do need to decide is how much information I should include on an event to make the time line a useful resource.  At the moment I’m throwing in dates, the ticker of the corp/alliance behind the event, a title and links to forum threads or articles about the events.  So far, a typical month is starting to look like this:

112YC (2010)


1st – [PIE] – 112 Amarrian Loyalist of the Year Awards

4th – [-SF-] – The Fall of TAZ Norlonto outpost, YWS0-Z, Providence

11th – [FCORD] – Funding to create FCORD ‘crowd-sourced’ in an anti-Sansha effort.

18th – [UNITY] CONCORD Yulai Protest

I will probably end up embedding the links into the titles, but this is how it presently looks in my word doc.  I’m undecided if ‘less is more’ in keeping the entries minimal, or if I should include brief (twitter-length?) summaries of each event to help communicate what each was about.

The further back I go into EVE’s history the more challenging it will get to find accurate information.  Going back to 2010 and I am already coming across events organised by characters that appear to have been deleted, making it tricky to be sure which corp/alliance they were in at the time.

I am currently on page 35 of the old archived IGS forum’s 338 pages.  I think I may be working on this for awhile!

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