First Step Back

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective…for my own amusement really…




The Klogori system.  A quiet backwater system in Metropolis, but visited by Amarrians.  The star map shows a number of systems under light pressure from opportunistic hostiles across the area.

It has been a long time since I was last enlisted with the Tribal Liberation Force, and as it is my first foray back into the war zone, I content myself with some defensive action to assist in re-securing the area.

I soon am contacted by an old friend who has just heard the news that the Ushra’Khan has joined the TLF.  We spend a little while catching up and he tells me that his corp, who were once members of the alliance a long time back, are considering moving out of their current alliance.  I give him the contact he needs and begins talks with our executor.  Barely a day after we enter the conflict and already in touch with old friends…  It’s a nice start, very nice.

As we finish talking I complete work on securing a Republic Fleet Outpost, the first installation I came across needing help to repair local defences.  Just as I finish up repairs, I receive a brief message from Fleet Command;

For your efforts in fighting for the liberation of the Minmatar people, you have been promoted to the following rank: Venge Captain.

Welcome back to the fight Sir, we are showing Klogori secured.

Huh, I guess I was closer to that next promotion than I thought.  I have to admit, its starting to feel good to be back, even if it will take a little while to find my feet again.

Even though I have yet to fire a shot, events are already in motion.  Events could continue to move quickly for awhile I think.  Should prove interesting…



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