This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective to mark a change of direction for my character, Ugleb.  I haven’t done a narrative piece in ages, so I think I’m due…

The Hurricane Line Draw is on the final leg of its journey from Huttaken to Metropolis; to the edge of the war zone.  The vessel hasn’t been used in over a year, having been left in reserve following the time when Ugleb had flown out to investigate a Sansha attack in The Citadel region pre-dating Kuvakei’s assault on Yulai that began the Nation Incursions.

On the way back to Republic space the ship had stopped off in Agil, Khanid region, to clear out an old assortment of equipment and documents left there from days when Ugleb frequently passed in and out of Catch or Providence, often through the HED-GP.

As the ship glides through warp tunnels and leaps across the intervening light years, Ugleb takes stock of his assets.  Checking off the old and half forgotten locations of assets accumulated over years, the inventory entries are sorted and filtered out.  Assets in Caldari and Amarrian space are marked for removal or sale, and this list grows shorter.

The neocom pings, and Ugleb turns his attention to the incoming call.  The face that appears, but the neocom promptly identifies the caller as a crew officer from the Nidhoggur carrier the Wanderer’s Sanctuary.  “You have a report?”

“Yes sir, the Wanderer’s Sanctuary has been prepped for transfer.  The cargo manifests have been checked, the ship fuelled and fitted to your specification.  All crew who are transferring off the ship have disembarked, the rest are performing final checks.”  He hesitates before continuing.  “It, ahh, seems a shame to be letting her go sir.”

“It is a fair exchange crewman, a Nidhoogur for a Nidhoggur.  The ‘Sanctuary will serve the Sarz’na Khumatari well, but the Friggin’ Master stays with me.  That ship has history and has been with me for a long time.  It wouldn’t be right to leave the old girl behind.”

“Yes sir.  They say that the ‘Master was built under your first corporation sir.  Before my time though, sorry sir.”

Ugleb smiles to himself in the darkness of his pod.  “Yes, before quite a few people’s time.  Construction of the ‘Master was the last act of that old corp, she was present for the construction of Unity Station and has been just about everywhere that the Ushra’Khan has been over the years.  I’m perhaps one of the last members of that corp still active within the Ushra’Khan, so she comes with me.  The ‘Sanctuary goes with SARZ, fair exchange.  Stand by for transfer, I will make the transaction now.”

Ending the call, Ugleb issues the legal contract transferring ownership of the Wanderer’s Sanctuary over to the Sarz’na Khumatari corporation, immediately receiving in return ownership of the Friggin’ Master.

By now the Line Draw is arriving back within Republic borders.  With a sigh Ugleb moves to the next order of business.  He confirms his resignation of all corporate roles within Sarz’na Khumatari and files his formal application with Masuat’aa Matari, thus continuing his long history within the Ushra’Khan.

There are still a few preparations to be made, but soon enough the CONCORD legislated paperwork will be going through.  And with that, the Ushra’Khan will fall under the Militia act.

How times have changed since the Midular days…

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