AT10 disqualifiers (…and why I’m so quiet atm)

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss AT10 and my currently terrible net connection…

I’m thinking I should probably explain my wall of silence on the blogging front this past couple of weeks, as its looking very much ‘long time no post’ atm.

 I have been away on holiday for the past week so I’ve been offline while out of the country. I did get back on Saturday and had been expecting to have resumed posting before now but when I did get home I discovered that my home internet connection has been reduced to something slower and less reliable than dial-up.

 As yet, I’m struggling to get my client to successfully update (it did manage to download a corrupted version apparently), let alone actually let me log in. I’m currently attempting to download the update file manually. 974Mb at 7.1kB/sec….1 day 2 hours remaining, and it has been telling me that for the last half an hour or so. Hmm.

 Guess I’ll be contacting the ISP and be thankful that I set a long skill training before I went away. 😉

 So, no insightful Inferno comments here I’m afraid, although by the sounds of it I am missing the worst of the Unified Inventory issues and have an excellent excuse to play Mass Effect 3 for a few days instead!

 I did however catch the news that Hydra Reloaded and Outbreak have both been removed from the Alliance Tournament for breaching the ‘non-competitive’ rule. I’m not shocked, given that the rule was created as a result of their actions in AT9, but I am a little surprised at how easily they gave themselves away.

 I would have thought that they would realise that CCP would be watching them given that they are the reason for the ruling. I would have thought that they would have tried to protect themselves from running straight into a ban. The facts;

 They were observed training together. Ok, they wouldn’t be the first alliances to do that, smaller teams can lack the numbers to effectively test full team builds.

 They were seen doing this on Sisi. Yes, ok, everyone goes there to train, but it does suggest cooperation. Tbh I’ve got mixed feelings about CCP taking action against teams going this far.

 They were seen training on Sisi in the same wormhole. Yeah, definitely organised and exactly what they did to prepare for AT9, at this point the two trams are clearly strongly linked and its not just a few ‘isolated’ training sessions. Up until this point they might have gotten away with it or argued for one alliance to be allowed to compete. I don’t think that CCP would have relented, as this is definitely and deliberately pushing the limits.

 And then they go one step further and condemn themselves utterly. They formed a joint training corp and moved character from both alliances into it. How they expected to get away with this, I do not know. If they genuinely thought that CCP would let them off for being reigning champions then they were seriously deluded.

 In other news; bloody hell, did you hear how much the auction slots were selling for?

 Auction held 05/24:

Verge of Collapse 46
Gypsy band 40
R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N 43
Agony Empire 41
Sleeper Social Club 43
Team Liquid 44
Black Legion. 49
Pandemic Legion 52

The bids are in PLEX.

 A minimum of 40 PLEX to get a slot? AT10 is already sucking excess ISK out of the economy!

EDIT – I stand correctly corrected; its not ISK being sucked out of the ‘economy’, but out of the wallets of some very wealthy alliances/corps/players.

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2 Responses to AT10 disqualifiers (…and why I’m so quiet atm)

  1. Unfortunately, your last sentence is incorrect. Its sucking real like money out of the pockets of players, but any isk used to procure plex is does not leave the game or the economy.

  2. Ugleb says:

    True I suppose, although I doubt that many alliances are breaking out their credit cards to bid on tournament slots, but it does at least move the ISK around. Those PLEX will be mostly coming from ‘casual players’ looking for a quick wallet injection and paid for by the large wallets of wealthy alliances/their memberships.

    Mind you, if all of the money raised by these PLEX goes into hosting the tournament, I expect to see the hosts sitting upon specially commissioned furniture in a studio with a commanding view of Iceland visible through the large windows behind them. 😉

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