Gallente Buff Round 2?

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss EVE’s development.

The much anticipated first details of Inferno’s elusive new modules were released yesterday!  Huzzah!

My first impression was that its a rather shorter list than I’d been expecting, CCP might have overestimated their pool of workable ideas a bit or run into more technical implementation issues than they first thought.  Who knows.

The module that seems to be generating the most interest is, of course;

MagSheath Target Breaker I – Mid slot. A module that has a chance of breaking the lock of ships targeting you, the chance increases the more ships target you at one time. Also breaks your locks. Reduces scan resolution significantly as a downside. Only one can be fitted at a time and the can not be fitted to capital ships.

It shouldn’t be hard to work out why people are interested in this one, depending on how the module functions it could be quite a game changer in tactics.  Or it might just be confined to haulers in unsafe space hoping to evade gate camps.  We’ll see I guess.

But, there are other modules on that list, and I think they broadly break down into an attempt to boost under used PVP styles.  In particular, active tanking and drones.  The new Ancillary Shield Boosters will (in theory)  allow for a much faster rate of shield boosting.  The Target Breaker will help to clear target locks off you while you rep yourself up, which doesn’t come with the same hindrance of breaking the locks of your gang’s friendly logi.   The Armor Adaptive Hardener is another tanking boost, and I’m guessing will be of more benefit in smaller gangs where you aren’t being heavily alpha-striked and may again be contemplating a local tank.

So it could be argued that CCP are hoping to bring about a return to local tanking rather than the outright dominance of remote reps and buffer tanks we’ve seen for a long time now.  But I think that there is another angle to this list; it looks like a nice little boost for Gallente drone ships.

There is the Extrinsic Damage Amplifier I & II – damage mods for drones.  Obviously these will be best fitted on drone boats, of which the Gallente corner the market.  For a bit of tank trade-off the likes of the Myrmidon can now have a DPS boost.  Then there are the Light & Medium Web Drones which will be followed by the Salvage Drones sometime later.   These seem like nice things to keep a few of in your larger drone bays for extra options.

Hell, even the Target Breaker becomes potentially more powerful when used with a drone boat.  You break the oppositions locks on you, but lose your own lock.  Who cares?  Your drones are still firing regardless!

In Crucible CCP boosted Hybrid turrets, in Inferno the Drones are getting a little something.  Gallente ships are getting incrementally better, which just leaves the question of how much better they need to be in order to be considered ‘competitive’ again.

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2 Responses to Gallente Buff Round 2?

  1. Orakkus says:

    Well, I think there are some Gallente bonuses, but the Extrinsic Damage Amp is more of a boost to both Minmatar and Caldari more than it is to Gallente. Both Amarr and Gallente pilots would have to sacrifice some tank typically to fit the EDA (though Myrms, Brutix, and Domi shield configurations are probably going to get more used). Of anything, I think that Minmatar ship pilots will benefit the most from this module due to our shield tanking ships having more low-slots than Caldari.

    • Ugleb says:

      True, but it is normally the case that in order to gain DPS you have to sacrifice some tank. As Gallente are the race that have the most heavily drone-based ships I think it will be most significant to them.

      With maybe a couple of exceptions, Caldari ships are not big on drone usage and I don’t think its likely that a Caldari pilot would pick a drone mod over a BCU or Mag Stab, either of which would probably do more for them.

      It might be worth putting on a Typhoon mind you, or something like a Huginn/Rapier which can combine drones with target painting and webs.

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