Wars, Mercs and a universal killboard?

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss EVE development.

I haven’t been able to watch very much of the fanfest stream this weekend but I did see most of the war decs presentation.  And it had some interesting points in it.

The new war dec system will increase the cost of war decs by raising the war dec fee to 20 million ISK per week, plus a further 500,000 ISK per member of the defending corp.  This makes war decs much more expensive, on those numbers war dec’ing a 50 member corp will cost 45mill per week, instead of the current pittance.  But, if I caught it properly, CCP are probably doing away with the current cumulative system where the more wars you declare increase the cost of subsequent dec’s exponentially.  It will be a simpler system.

What this new system will do is make it proportionally more expensive for small corps to war dec larger entities.  It also removes the infamous ‘war dec shields’ of having alt corps war dec your own corp to make it prohibitively expensive to be declared against.  No longer will we see tiny alt corps paying a pittance to ‘freely’ war dec large entities and gank haulers; they will have to pay a more substantial fee for that privilege.  Likewise, we won’t see corps paying relatively small amounts to make them selves ‘immune’ to aggression via careful alt management.

There are a couple of cool new features coming with this.  The first is the ability of the defender to bring allied corps/alliances into the war within the first 24hrs for free.   This way toothless industrial corps will be able to bring help in if they are quick off the mark.  The attacker won’t get to do that, which may be a point of contention but should curb a cheap feeding frenzy of free war decs for the attacking parties.

The really interesting part here is the tentatively titled ‘mercenary marketplace’; an ingame system where a defender will be able to create a public contract for merc corps to apply for and bid on.  The defender corp can then negotiate terms with the applying merc corp(s) and accept the offer that suits.  If this lives up to its potential then professional mercs in EVE just had their market expanded dramatically.  I declare this initiative to be awesome.

I didn’t get to see the Dust514 keynote, but I imagine that hiring Dust mercs will work along similar lines.  It might just be me, but EVE’s ‘corporation wars’ concept seems more relevant than ever.  People will genuinely be fighting wars for ISK on behalf of others on an unprecedented scale.  Nice. 🙂

The other interesting part of the presentation was the ‘war report’ summaries that will accompany each war.  This will be a mini-killboard of both sides kills/losses with win/loss totals.  We will now be able to see who actually ‘won’ the war at a PVP level.

This is very interesting as this could well be a first step towards a universal EVE killboard.  If they can do it on a small scale for a war between multiple parties, that brings them much closer to going the whole way and creating one killboard to rule them all; an automatically uploading central board that never misses a mail….  Yes please! 😀

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