CSM7 voting; relevance and an endorsement

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to talk about…EVE’s CSM election.

The polls have opned for the election of CSM7, which if you didn’t know is all about electing EVE’s player-elected council of representatives who speak directly with CCP about issues affecting the game.

It has taken awhile but the CSM today has become an important and credible source of feedback and connection between the players and CCP on current game design issues and as a sounding board for future development.  The early CSM’s were held back by the infancy of the concept and had to work hard at building connections and developing communication, and CCP had to learn how to handle the whole thing a well.

CSM6 however has proven to be a focal point for both community and CCP and has earned the perception of playing a highly important factor in the events of the high drama that was 2011.  Naturally any CSM6 member standing for re-election will concur with that statement and will be hoping that they might be re-elected as a result.

There are several members of CSM6 that doubtless deserve re-election and I expect much of CSM7 will be made up of re-elections.  And I was considering voting Seleene back in.  In fact, he is my second choice.  I think that Seleene demonstrates a very well reasoned approach towards EVE’s game design and has a good grasp of the game as a whole.  And from my impression I think he genuinely cares about most aspects of the game as well, which is not something I’d say about a candidate such as the Mittani, who is all about the null-sec.  Oh and griefing (but he does know his stuff, don’t get me wrong).  Seleene is also a former CCP game design dev, so knows how the company works better than most and has a unique perspective.

So, if you want to vote for a ‘null sec candidate’ who also knows other stuff, and is currently championing an industry overhaul to prove it, then vote Seleene.  I almost did, and hope to see him re-elected.

Edit – I should also mention Trebor Daehdoow, as he is the hardworking CSM guy who has brought us such things as the CSM Crowdsourcing.  Would be happy to see him back as well.

However, I had an issue with CSM6.  Although I am primarily a null sec player myself, I think that CSM6 was too heavily stacked with null sec oriented players.  The CSM requires a greater sense of balance to better serve the game as a whole.

And it is for that reason that I will be voting for Hans Jagerblitzen.  Hans has been running an excellently orchestrated and well planned campaign to rally low sec and high sec players to his side and to push hard so that high and low sec game play lifestyles are strongly represented in CSM7.  In CSM6 there didn’t really seem to be a voice to speak for this section of the player base, particularly when it came to factional warfare issues.

I think that EVE needs that voice, and I have seen Hans working damned hard to provide it.  So he’s earned my vote.

I urge you to go vote in the CSM7 election, but even more so I encourage you to go check out the other candidates for yourself.  If you aren’t sure where to start then try the CSM Vote Match tool as a rough indicator.

The remainder of this blog is a party political broadcast for the Hans Jagerblitzen party. 😉

Voting now open for CSM7 – Vote Hans Jagerblitzen!
From: Hans Jagerblitzen
Sent: 2012.03.07 10:54
To: Ugleb


Dear friends,

The polls are open! Please tell all your corpmates and alliance mates, friends in other corps as well…the time has come to vote for your CSM7 candidates.

This year, I need every single one of your votes!! This is a grassroots effort, spreading corp by corp, man by man. I need every vote, from every account you have. With as many things as are on the ticket for the summer expansion, the CSM needs someone with my background, expertise, and work ethic, to assist throughout the coming year.

Thank you all again for your support, and go vote today!



Log in with your account information, When done, please log out and log back in with each of your accounts, and vote again.

A special note to all militia leaders:

I don’t play the spy game! I literally have no characters in other militias. I can only get out the vote in those general chats if YOU share the link above, and tell them to vote for Hans Jagerblitzen. Take the time to explain there’s never been a more important time to vote, we need every last milita member. Remember: There are 1,570 active Gallente chars, 1,607 active Amarr chars, 1887 active Caldari pilots, and 2064 active Minmatar pilots, as per the latest CCP data. Think of what we can achieve if we get everyone to the polls!

A special note to all high sec corp leaders:

Please share the link above in local chat in the hubs! I cant be everywhere at once, but we need RECORD turnout this year. The more high sec voters vote, whether its for me or anyone else, the weaker the 0.0 power bloc influence is. We need to spread the word that voting has never been more important than this year!!

Thanks again everyone for your tremendous support!

-Hans Jagerblitzen, CSM7 Candidate

My blog has links to my platform document, list of endorsements, and links to all my media appearances (interviews, debates etc) Vote informed!

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2 Responses to CSM7 voting; relevance and an endorsement

  1. Hans is a good man. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to him the past couple of weeks. I’m glad to see your comments about me, dude. It’s good to know that there are people out there voting with their heads and not just pushing whatever button they are told to. 🙂

    I fear I’m going to be losing votes to the likes of Hans and Two Step this year simply because they are such strong candidates so hopefully folks will heed your advice and not just see a ‘null sec’ guy when they look at me. Thanks again, good luck to Hans and here’s a blatant link to my blog! 😀


  2. Ugleb says:

    I think its going to be an interesting result this year, The CSM has never been so high profile and there is a widespread sense that the next year will see big changes.in EVE. Hopefully the harder working members of CSM 6 will be re-elected and the remaining spaces will get filled with a more diverse set of new candidates to round-out the representation a bit.

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