Sneaky move CCP…and you Sony!

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss EVE/Dust development.

This is a follow up to last week’s speculation post, which got a surprising large number of hits for my blog.  As far as I can tell this was because I tagged Dust514.  Guess that means people are interested in Dust news!

In that post I speculated on the little bit of news that DUST will include some form of mouse/keyboard support, and I suggested that could mean that CCP were thinking ahead and pre-building support for possibly releasing DUST on PC sometime later.

I still think that is possible at some point (based on some early comments from CCP about its console-exclusive nature), but a little more detail has come out on this now that has changed my mind a bit.  This comes courtesy of

Grideris: Yes yes yes. Gentlemen, can you please for once and for all settle it: DUST will support the mouse and keyboard in-game when you’re shooting. Can you please settle this for once and for all?

CCP Praetorian: Yes

CCP CmdrWang: Yes we can. Yes we will support the mouse and keyboard for DUST514 including in-game shooting. And I just want to add that you know we are aware of how critical this is to get it right because we’ve seen other games try to attempt this and there were some problems. But we are dedicated considerable amount of resources into this particular feature because we want to do it right and we want to make sure that our players when they use the mouse and keyboard they will have a very good experience comparable to what they’re used to on the PC.

Grideris: Now another question that his revelation has brought up is what is the balance between the mouse and the keyboard versus the controller and by extension, against Playstation Move going to be like? Are you going to make sure that it’s all balanced. Because we’ve had a lot of concern over this. Yes?

CCP Praetorian: We’re learning a lot the difference between the three styles of control. And I mean obviously we’re still developing it, still balancing, and our commitment is very high. It’s supposed to be perfect. But we’ll go into more detail on that later once we’ve you know, kind of hammered in all of the details.

So here is what I’m now thinking.  When I first heard about Dust514, and that it would be for consoles, I briefly contemplated buying a suitable console just to play it. But this was never a serious thought, because as I said in my previous post; gamepads in my hands simply do not function properly.  There is a reason I don’t own a console, or a gamepad for my PC, and that reason is that I have never liked gamepads.

Now I’ve been to a few fanfests and met a few CCP employees.  And they’ve met a fair few other people like me too, I’d imagine.  Hell, some of them probably have the same issues I do.  It has probably occurred to CCP at some point that there will be people out there interested in their product that would play it if only they could use a keyboard and mouse!

Lightbulb moment.  They are going to let ham-fisted idiots like me use the control system my brain can actually cope with.  All I have to do is buy a PS3 and pay that little cover charge to download Dust514 on it.

I see what you did there CCP…

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